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May 26, 2010

You Know Your Child Looks Like a One-Year-Old When

1. People have begun asking if your baby is crawling.

2. Waiters offer your child food at restaurants.

3. You refuse to buy baby toys that come with a weight limit ON PRINCIPLE.

4. Your baby has broken out of 6-month clothes and comfortably fits into 12-month onesies.

5. The shocked look from strangers has become a daily occurrence when you tell them your baby's true age. Along with the look of pity that's all YOU PUSHED THAT OUT OF YOUR BODY? WOMAN, YOU DESERVE A MEDAL. AND THE RIGHT TO REQUEST AN EPIDURAL WHENEVER ANYONE SO MUCH AS MENTIONS CHILDBIRTH.


  1. I think Nathaniel looks so much like your dad, Alyssa!
    And I love the pictures you post. Hope to see you this summer,