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May 28, 2010

Revenge of the Hungry Hippo

Despite the fact that we are currently in the process of redecorating our nursery with an elephant theme (and we are VERY excited for the big reveal which will be sometime in the near future), everything in our house seems to be related to hippos since our little boy arrived on the scene. The hippo analogy seems quite fitting, as my hungry little hippo's appetite is just as voracious and insatiable as ever.

In fact, despite the fact that he is now four months old, Nathaniel continues to eat like clockwork, averaging three or four hours between meals. Mercifully, he gives the dairy farm a rest at night but wakes up in the morning with an appetite that would put Cookie Monster's chocolate chip binges to shame.

If he could, Nathaniel would nurse ALL DAY LONG. If he had his way, I would be walking around the house with the milk bar easily accessible to the little man with a turn of his head. For those of us who are out of diapers, it would be like living in an Old Country Buffet. All the cinnamon rolls you can eat right at your fingertips, except that people wouldn't stare when you lay down for a nap next to the salad bar.

In addition to the frequency with which he eats, Nathaniel is a very vocal eater. Especially when he hasn't eaten in ten minutes and decides that his roly-poly baby figure will wither away to that of Mary Kate Olsen if he doesn't get food THIS VERY SECOND. The progression from "Excuse me, mama, may I please have a snack?" to WHIP OUT THE BOOB, WENCH typically occurs in less than 60 seconds. Which isn't problematic unless we are sitting in traffic on I-35 that resembles a parking lot.

And when we're sitting in stop-and-go traffic? Well, then he becomes the angry hippo. Cars and trucks miles down the road can easily hear the cacophony of noises erupting from our back seat. Nathaniel emerged from the womb screaming like a banshee and his penchant for volume has only increased since that day. Woe to those who anger the hippo. He will have his revenge.

But despite all the screaming, the deafening yells for the purposes of obtaining food and those purely for entertainment, I wouldn't change a thing about my little hippo. Because all too soon, this little hippo is going to be asking for cinnamon rolls instead of another swig of milk.


  1. oh how cute! you say he is 4 months old, how much does he weigh now?

  2. Too funny, I could have written this post myself about my little guy, who is 9 weeks. I love the humerous way you write about it....I'd like to get one of my little guy's hunger attacks on video for future reference :)

  3. Jackson is the exact same way. Pretty much every time I read your posts, I am nodding in agreement because Nathaniel sounds exactly like my little Jackson. Must be something to do with that December 30th birth date! :D