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May 10, 2010

Miraculous Milanos

Last weekend, I was running errands with my little sister since she was visiting the frozen tundra I often refer to as my home. As we walked through Target looking at dresses and tin foil, we may or may not have been in one of THOSE moods. You know, the kind of temperament where you are suddenly compelled to grab anything and everything as you walk through the grocery aisle and giggle like a fool as you are doing so.

It was about 9pm as we were being mistaken for escapees from the nearest mental institute when we suddenly decided that we NEEDED a snack. We would not survive the night without some sort of artery-clogging sustenance and decided that the victim of our sudden hunger would take the form of Mint Milanos.

Back at my house, we polished off the majority of the bag before heading off to bed. The nearly-empty bag was retired to the kitchen cupboard where I anticipated that it would stay for quite some time.

Until tonight, the night when hunger struck at 11pm and I realized that I NEEDED chocolate. To the point where I was convinced that I would experience severe withdrawal symptoms beginning with cold sweats and tremors if I was unable to find any in my house.

Just as I began weighing the benefits of driving to the nearest 24-hour grocery store to buy a package of chocolate chips, I opened the cupboard and... behold. The Mint Milanos.

Thrilled does not even begin to describe my emotional state as I cracked open that bag, feeling the beginning of the cold sweats setting in. I felt a pang of disappointment as I saw that there were only two Milanos left, but I decided to make the best of it. And sitting down on my couch, I pulled them out of the bag, ready to devour them with the ferocity of a Hollywood starlet who has survived solely on a combination of cigarettes and coffee, when I suddenly realized the bag was not empty.

THERE WAS ANOTHER SACK OF MINT MILANOS! And I say this in all caps because my reaction to this revelation included tears of joy and an extreme sugar high.

Upon consideration, I later decided that my Milanos must have a powerful spiritual connection to the big man upstairs because there were ONLY TWO cookies when I initially opened the bag. And then they miraculously multiplied.

Before going to bed this evening, I'm going to put the empty bag back into my cupboard. Perhaps the crumbs will reproduce overnight and I will wake to find mini Milanos in the morning.

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  1. oh boy; i've definitely felt this way about food before. usually it's ice cream. :)