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May 27, 2010

Look Out, Mark Spitz!

Last summer as I was garage saleing in my highly-pregnant state, I came across a kiddie pool for fifty cents. Which was quite possibly the all-time best deal I've found at a garage sale to date because it's BIG. And it doesn't leak. And after our swimming adventures earlier this week, I wish I could remember which house I bought it from... just so I could leave a thank-you card or fruit basket on their front lawn.

After purchasing an armada of Pampers Swimmers, swim trunks, a swim shirt, and a baby flotation device, Nathaniel and I decided to brave the pool. With the babe in his outfit and mama in her pre-baby swimsuit, we started off by swishing Nathaniel's feet in the water.

Side note about my swimsuit: some of you probably remember hearing my lament over the fact that I would never again wear my little black two-piece suit. It's too small for my post-baby boobs and my tummy still looks like it was mauled by an angry tiger, but I put it on anyway. Mercifully, the neighbors didn't see, thus preventing the inevitable gauging out of their eyes with rusty old spoons.

I set the babe down in the floating chair and he immediately burst into tears. Those of you who have heard my kid cry in person know that he has a pair of lungs which rival the volume levels of a foghorn. But anyone who has jumped into a pool knows that the initial shock quickly wears off, so I left the babe in the pool, got down on his level, and broke out my secret weapon, The Fishy Song. Accompanied by the rubber ducky and EVERY SINGLE BATH TOY KNOWN TO MANKIND. Which quickly replaced his interest in crying after he realized that he wasn't going to melt in the water.


Let's just say that the pool was a success. So much so that we were out swimming on the deck for a solid hour-and-a-half. Nathaniel even showed a keen interest in the water after mama demonstrated the fun of splashing. Come bath time, I'm sure I will seriously regret this life lesson and will be mentally berating myself with a chorus of WHAT HAVE I DONE? amidst the drenching.

It was the perfect way to spend a hot summer day. And with the sunshade that sat atop the baby flotation device, I didn't have to worry about baby skin and sunburns. Which means that we will be spending many hours in our backyard pool this summer. The babe will learn to swim... and mama will try not to burn. Perhaps a nice suntan will hide the stretch marks?


  1. I MUST go get one of those floats immediately! Liliana loves water, so why did I not think about putting her in a baby pool while mommy works on her ghostly appearance?!

    He's adorable - I'm diggin' the shades. ;)

  2. Oh, my...he's getting so big! I love the photos in the pool. I don't know how you managed with the sunglasses on but...ADORABLE!

  3. He's looking at you like, "Um, what is going on?" :) I love his little swim outfit. And you are brave getting into an old swimsuit. I think I'd just wear some kind of full body scuba gear.

  4. Sounds like a great start to a fun summer!