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May 3, 2010

Impulsive Streak Meets the Great Nursery Remodel of 2010

I have an impulsive streak. Said personality trait has brought about some interesting situations in my life, such as a propensity for rock climbing. And a tattoo on my lower back. Oh yeah, AND THE BABY. Which was, hands down, the best thing my impulsive streak has ever done.

This same impulsive streak is also the reason that our nursery is currently in shambles. Because once that impulsive streak wrestled me to the floor and put me in a headlock, it became clear that the nursery would be the latest in a long streak of decorative casualties.

Before Nathaniel was born, I worked hard to create a nursery that would be fun and cute for my little boy. I picked out his crib and drove over an hour to buy an antique rocking chair for his room. I hung a picture of a ratty old teddy bear on his wall and painted wooden letters to spell out his name. But despite all the work, it never had a cohesive sense of style. It was a little of this and a little of that.

Enter the headlock.

My impulsive streak sat me down and we had a little heart to heart about my decorating style. Or the lack thereof. And it may also have been mentioned that it isn't such a great idea to begin a decorating project after injecting two liters of Diet Pepsi into my forearm. Because suddenly it seems like a stroke of brilliance to carpet the ceiling and run around my house buck naked, all while singing the Fishy Song to keep the teething babe from screaming.

So with a little inspiration from the internet and a bucket of water to replace my Diet Pepsi fix, the Great Nursery Remodel of 2010 commenced.

As of this moment, there is new paint on the walls. And if I ever finish painting those elephants, I'll be sure to post a picture of the finished product. Because who knew that it would take DAYS to paint different colored elephants FREEHAND on my son's wall? And for the love of God, why the heck couldn't I just make a stencil?

Months ago, I purchased a corner shelf from Home Depot. And I have hated how it looks since day 1. But being the one and only place where we could spy on Nathaniel using our video monitor, I tolerated it with a few dirty glances and obscene hand gestures. And now that corner shelf is getting a makeover, compliments of some leftover fabric I had lying around the house.

Finally, the remainder of that leftover fabric is going to be made into wall hangings. As much as I love that picture of the teddy bear, it just doesn't go with the rest of the room. So the bear will be going into storage. In favor of elephants. Lots and lots of elephants. Too many elephants to paint.

And now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with my impulsive streak regarding new ways to pump caffeine into my body. But not until the Great Nursery Remodel of 2010 is completed. Because my neighbors don't need to see me running naked through my living room.

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