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May 20, 2010

House Rules and Bed Space

If you are ever at our house at 5am, you know that my mornings start off by stumbling bleary-eyed into the babe's bedroom, picking my little boy up out of his crib, changing a diaper, and collapsing back into my bed with Nathaniel. All without opening my eyes because that would require waking up, which is against house rules to do until at least 9am.

On really special days, I wake to the hubs standing over me holding Nathaniel. This usually means that I was up until 3am, mainlining Diet Pepsi into my body while blogging and that I slept through the babe fussing on the baby monitor. God bless the husband.

And once we are snuggled into bed, I cuddle up to Nathaniel, whip out a boob, and Nathaniel eats himself back to sleep. Somewhere in this process of diaper changes, boobs, and snuggles, Nathaniel commandeers THE ENTIRE BED. Without asking me. It's like the kid thinks that he runs the joint or something.

Or something.

It's all the worse when all three of us are in bed on the weekend and the smallest member of the family has laid claim to the majority of the mattress. God forbid that one of us needs to roll over or breathe because THERE IS NO ROOM. On those weekends, you sacrifice comfort in bed for family snuggle time and the prayer that you were just two inches thinner so you could fit both of your hips on the bed. And God help you if a certain tiny person lets one rip underneath the sheets. Because there is no escaping the poisonous fumes when you're wrapped like a burrito in the covers.

Currently, the hubs and I have a queen size bed. It fits the master bedroom perfectly and we like it because it feels like we're sleeping in the same zip code. Let's face it, we like cuddling and you'll note that we have a baby. I'll let you draw your own conclusions to that one.

In the past, our bed has never seemed too small. Until now. Does this mean we will need to upgrade when it's time for baby #2?

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