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May 24, 2010

Growing Up Safely with the GroEgg

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Now that summer is quickly approaching, many of us are facing the constant battle of nursery temperature. Is it too hot? Too cold? Should I turn on the air conditioning or open a window? And if you're a new parent facing these challenges for the very first time, it's all the more stressful making sure your baby is sleeping at a comfortable and safe temperature.

Admittedly I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but shortly after Nathaniel was born, I learned that allowing a baby to sleep in a hot room is considered to be a SIDS risk. While a parent could go mad trying to prevent every risk (and many of you know just how close I came to a straight jacket and padded walls over this very issue while I was pregnant), the temperature concern is one which can easily be addressed. With the GroEgg.


I first saw the GroEgg while I was thumbing through a baby catalog and commenting to the hubs about all the neat baby gear we could get for Nathaniel. Since we have this conversation roughly every other day, he just smiled and nodded as I pointed out no fewer than 600 items that our son clearly NEEDED to have. But the GroEgg stopped me in my tracks.

The GroEgg is a nursery thermometer which changes colors based on the temperature in the room. At the risk of sounding like the Rainbow Brite version of Goldilocks, the GroEgg glows blue for too cold, yellow for just right, orange for warm, and red for too hot.

Keen Distribution, the US distributor for Gro Company, sent out the GroEgg and I immediately placed it in Nathaniel's bedroom. While the digital readout showed the exact temperature in the room, the egg lit-up to a warm orange glow.

If you're like me, you assume that the temperature in your baby's nursery is the same as the hallway thermostat. I WAS WRONG. The GroEgg quickly showed me that the temperature in the hallway could easily be different from that of the nursery. And while a degree or two isn't likely to make a huge difference in the comfort of your child at night, I am much more at ease knowing that my baby is sleeping safely at a temperature recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Beyond the use as a thermometer, the GroEgg is light enough to provide a dim glow at night, thus preventing many a stubbed toe as I stumble around for the ever-elusive light switch. Yet contrary to my main concern before receiving the GroEgg, it isn't bright enough to disturb my little boy's sleep.

A rather obvious word of caution to those considering purchasing this product... do not place it near a lamp. Initially and rather thoughtlessly, I set the GroEgg about a foot away from Nathaniel's lamp. This threw off the temperature reading, making it appear that the room was significantly warmer than it truly was. I'm claiming mommy brain on this one. And yes, I moved it across the room where it now displays an accurate temperature.

The GroEgg makes me feel like I'm doing my job as a mama to keep my little boy safe. While I can't protect him from everything, I can make sure that he is sleeping at a safe temperature. And the GroEgg is perfect for putting my mind at ease.

By now, y'all should know that I only run giveaways on my site for products that I truly love. The GroEgg definitely falls into this category and Keen Distribution has graciously offered one lucky reader the opportunity to win a GroEgg for your own nursery!

The giveaway rules are simple. Become a public follower of Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom on Google Friend Connect (located in the right-hand column) and leave one comment below, telling me about your all-time favorite baby product!

The giveaway will close at noon on June 4. The winner will be chosen by and will be notified via email. Best of luck to all who enter!

Disclosure: I was not paid to write a review on the GroEgg. Although I received the GroEgg for the purposes of a review, the opinions expressed are my honest view of the product. My thanks to Keen Distribution for providing their product.


  1. I am a follower.

    I perosnally like the little container I have to take formula with me. I can measure it out and through it in my bag.

  2. my all time fav baby product (so far) is the snap and go strollers!! so light weight and easy to store! i'll probably change my mind as soon as LO grows out of infant carrier though.

  3. I'm a follower of your blog!

    I have so many favorite baby products, it's hard to choose just one!
    It's a toss up between the jumper and Nuk breastmilk bags. I love the jumper because he's happy in it for a long time, entertains himself while I grab something to eat and he gets his energy out! He loves being in it too!
    After traveling and pumping more, I lost several bags of milk b/c my current brand leaked. Very devestating! I'm trying to get a really good freezer stash going and every little bit helps! I was pretty upset when after double checking every bag they continued to leak. I love the Nuk ones though! No leaks at all!

    Sorry, I took up so much space! ; )

  4. Our little one is on the way (13 weeks and counting!), so I don't have a favorite baby product quite yet. I seem to be acquiring quite a mountain of baby gifts though, so I'm sure something will emerge as the winner soon enough. For now? I hear I'll love my Boppy as early as Day 1 in the hospital.

  5. I am now a follower :)

    My favorite baby product is a toss up between my Boppy or the swing. Ultimately, I have to go with the Boppy. I've used it to nurse both my kids. It washes well and is such a great support to have especially when the babies are so small and wiggly :)

  6. I'm now a follower!

    My favorite baby product for the past 5 1/2 months has to be the bouncy seat. It has been a lifesaver, and I doubt I would've ever been able to shower during the day without it.

  7. I have been a follower through google reader, but just started on your sidebar.

    My son is 3, and we are due in a few short weeks with favorite baby product is hard! Early on I LOVED my bouncy seat (agree with pp...couldn't shower without it!), then it was the Bumbo, the cart cover and finally the snack trap (didn't leave the house without that for a LONG time!!)

  8. I'm already a follower. My all time favorite is Sophie. Lily looooves her giraffe.

  9. oh this sounds awesome - and like the perfect new gadget to give to daddy to make him feel all daddy-like! ;)

    i'm a follower already... fave baby product to date has to be her little lamb swing

  10. I'm already a faithful follower, here and on Facebook.

    My favorite baby product would have to be a toss up between The diaper Genie II Elite since we live in an apartment and it really does save our noses from the oh so aromatic smell of dirty diapers.

    The other would have to be the Winkle Ball, from Manhattan Toy Company, that Logan just LOVES since he can really get a great hold on it, and all the colors of it and so great to chew on.

  11. This egg is awesome - I've never seen it before. Now that warmer weather is upon us, I've been wondering - sleep sac or no. long sleeves or no. so many options at night.

    Favorite baby item up until now has been the bouncy seat! Now that LO is wanting to be upright all the time though, it's quickly changing to bumbo or exersaucer.

  12. I am a follower too :D

    Our all time baby products have been the Cozy cover and now we love the mesh teething bag.

    Since we have moved to SD, we realized the weather here can be pretty crazy. One day it's 80 and the next it is snowing, no joke! Anyway, The cozy cover has been great in keeping Sophia warm and it has prevented her from being disturbed from her sleep when we are out in the wind and rain, which it does quiet often too.

    But, now that Sophia is growing to big for the cover, the sun is out and she can eat baby food, we have grown to love the mesh teething bag. Sophia has been teething for 5 months, with still no sign of a pearly white, and we just love this bag. I make my own baby food and each night, I cram an ounce of some frozen baby food (squash, sweet potato, carrot, apple, pear, avocado) into the bag and she munches on it. Not only is she getting a little extra food, but it helps soothe the pain that she is experiencing while teething. She loves this product and so do her mommy and daddy!

  13. my favorite baby product, although I have many, has to be Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets! I know a few other people that swear by them as well, but they instantly soothe my daughters gums when she is in obvious pain and let her fall asleep VERY quickly! Can be found at Walmart, Whole Foods Co-op and online at Target. And they are all natural!

  14. My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday! I would love to win the egg - the whole temperature thing makes me nervous for this summer.

    I'm a follower! My favorite baby product (so far) is our Peg Perego stroller. Its a 2006 Venezia that we got off Craigslist for an awesome price. There are so many neat options that we really love about this stroller, especially where you can turn it into a pram and have baby lay down flat in it like a bassinet. We went on a walk every single day last week, and are truly in love with it!

  15. Love your blog -- didn't know how to become a follower until today, so now I am one!

    Our must have products....California Baby lotion and Aden& Anais swaddle blankets...and Gerber cloth diapers (best for burping my boy who loves to spit up!)...I could go on and on...and his playmat! I'll stop now...

  16. I've been a follower! :) Love your blog.

    And was trying to figure out what the item was I saw way back when we were registering that said if the room was to hot - and it was the Egg. I was thinking about this yesterday as it reached a sweltering 89* here and was hot in the babies room. With that said, I was up a lot making sure she was ok. Even with fans and the air going it was still a bit warm in there. Anyway.

    Our current fav, is the Sea Horse. Or the monkey paci plushie. Love being able to find it in the dark with no problem, and she likes to hold the foot of the monkey as she's falling asleep.

  17. I am a follower.

    My all time favorite baby product is my bouncer. My daughter has used atleast once every day since she was born (and she's 6 months old). She still loves it, esp now that she has figured out how to make it bounce on her own.

  18. Following along with the adventures of Nathaniel:-)

    Our favorite baby item for Lila is the NoJo Babysling. Oh how my little girl loves to be held. All the time. Napping or awake. And sometimes, I need my hands...or my arms lose all feeling. Whatever comes first.

  19. I'm a follower and I would love love love a Groegg!

    My favorite baby product at the moment would probably be my Avent Isis manual pump. I can pump enough from my son's cereal and have some to spare in just 10 short minutes. Hooray!

  20. My favorite baby product would be either the boppy or the bumbo. The boppy can used for many times and as she grows. The bumbo is just awesome and I love how Brynn can sit so well.

  21. I'm already a follower!

    My ONE favorite. Gosh. I suppose right now it's her tag books. She loves them!

  22. I am a follower!

    I love my Beaba baby cook... I love making T's food!

  23. Been a Google reader subscriber for awhile...following now.
    Favorite things are probably our Halo Sleepsack swaddles and our FP Infant-Toddler Rocker.

  24. I am a follower! I would have to say my favorite is the Boppy pillow!

  25. I am a follower already! :D And my favorite baby product so far has been Jackson's play mat. He loves all of the different toys and now is to the point that he can roll and scoot himself enough that he can reach all of the toys hanging down for him to play with.

  26. I'm a follower as well! My favorite baby item is my son's mobile that hangs over his crib. I can turn that thing on and actually get stuff done around the house. As long as I keep winding it up, he's totally content.

  27. Weirdly enough, I don't have a favorite baby product. Most things we use are fairly functional but nothing that is OMG-AMAZING! I am super thankful for my Udder Cover nursing cover. My favorite product to use while caring for a baby (specifically while nursing) is my Nook ereader. Reading and nursing is difficult, but my ereader makes reading possible and practically hands free!

  28. My favorite baby item is a bouncer! Her absolutely loves it and will keep him entertained for quite awhile so I can get housework done.

  29. My favorite practical item is the My Brest Friend nursing pillow. In the early days it really made nursing easier and sometimes even my husband would put it on just to hold our little guy. He said that it made supporting him in his arms easier.

    My favorite fun item is our activity mat. Our little guy gets so much enjoyment of being on it.

  30. I am now a follower :)

    My favorite item (out of the many that I love!) would be the jolly jumper boomerang nursing pillow. I'm an exclusive breast feeder so this pillow has been a huge help, especially in the beginning.

  31. I'm a follower too.

    My favorite baby item is my boon feeding spoon. I love that I can just toss the food in the spoon and take it anywhere. It's a million times easier with 2 kids too, and makes feeding with 1 hand a breeze!

  32. google follower and my fav is the boppy pillow! couldn't have breastfeed without it!

  33. I'm a follower! My all-time favorite product has to be our Homedics Sound Spa Lullaby aka "Baby Crack Machine"! We have set it on "rain" during every naptime and bedtime and it plays until he wakes up. I'm convinced that white noise really is helping him sleep longer, because he's one of the best sleeping babies I know! :)

  34. I am already a follower :) My favorite thing is my nursing cover - it allows me to feed my baby anywhere we are!

  35. I am a follower!

    I would have to say that my fav. baby product has to be my medela electric breast pump. My sister in law gave it to me & since my son was having difficulty latching on & was causing my nipples to bleed, it was truly a life saver! I do not think I would be breastfeeding now had it not been for that pump! =)