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May 22, 2010

A Friendly FYI

Several of you have commented in various posts and sent emails telling me you aren't able to leave comments in the daily photo section of my blog and I wanted to let y'all know what was up. Since it began, I have intentionally disabled comments in that section of Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom entirely due to my blog haters [waves hello to the trolls].

Like any blog that has a fair number of readers (big hugs and much thanks to those who keep coming back for more), there are people that despise me and it gives them warm fuzzies to leave hateful comments on my blog.

It's one thing for people to make nasty comments about me and my parenting style. It's completely another to make nasty comments about my son. To prevent that as much as possible and because the daily photo section is almost entirely comprised of pictures of Nathaniel, comments have been disabled on that page.

That being said, I do welcome photo comments by email. I love hearing what my readers think of the pictures I post and how fast my little boy is becoming a man! And to the trolls, aren't you supposed to be under a bridge somewhere?

Disclaimer: Due to recent events here on Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom and in my personal non-published life, I feel obligated to remind my readers that this post is not directed at anyone I know personally. This is an honest look into what I deal with on a daily basis when people leave nasty comments for me to read first thing in the morning. Although I'm developing a thicker skin, certain comments still bother me on occasion, which is why I thought it only fair to explain a recurring question among my readers.