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May 4, 2010

Chomp Chomp Choke

We've all heard the phrase "biting off more than you can chew" and that has never more aptly described my life than this week.

Because I have impulse control issues, the nursery had to be remodeled THIS WEEK. And for those of you who don't know why my blood pressure just went sky high and I began hyperventilating into a paper bag, allow me to enlighten you with a few things that are occurring this weekend including 1) Nathaniel's dedication, 2) a brunch following the dedication where we will be hosting nearly 40 people at our home, 3) mother's day, and 4) an extended family birthday party the night before said dedication.

Now instead of acting like a normal human being and picking up the random boxes, baby toys, and leftover dishes that have become permanent decorations throughout my house, I decided that I would liven things up a bit by tearing apart our nursery. Which means that I need to finish painting, patch several holes in the wall that are strategically covered by a picture, paint the patched areas, and create wall decor. Amongst preparing for that family birthday party. And the upcoming mother's day.

Which is where choking comes into play. Because I've clearly bitten off more than I can chew.

Now because I try to be very up-front with all of my readers, I will admit that the main reason that I'm in this predicament is because I want to be Super Mom, the mother who does everything right. She cooks. She cleans. She decorates. And she turns baby poop into rainbows and puppies. Poof.

But trying to be Super Mom isn't just hard. It's downright impossible and unrealistic. Have y'all tried getting a list of things done during the day with a babe who has his own ideas about the daily schedule? Saying you will have the house clean by the time the hubs comes home from work is laughable. LAUGHABLE, I TELL YOU. And after a few days of promising yourself that you will get around to scrubbing the remnants of the latest Olympic spit-up competition off of the kitchen counters, you settle for picking up a dirty bib off the couch. Then you sit down, prop your feet up, and are all, WHAT NOW BIB?!

One day I hope to hear my little boy tell me that I'm a good mama. Maybe even a super mom. But for now I will continue to cook, clean, decorate, and scrub baby poop out of every article of clothing owned by my son. All while choking on this huge bite and praying for someone to give me the Heimlich.

My thanks to Mandy over at Harper's Happenings for the Super Mom inspiration.


  1. It's laughable in our house to have everything picked up before Mike gets home too! Don't feel bad, none of us can be Super Mom! Especially while the babes are little! And especially if you are the mom of a babe who is in the "naps are for the weak" crowd! You are a good Mama!

  2. Been there. Done that. Hang in there.

  3. We may be leading very different lives but I wanted to say that I, too, sometimes sit down at the end of the night and say "sheesh, what's next?" too! From a California Homebiscuit Mama to you I say that anyone who cares so much about their child really is a "Super Mom", even if we sometimes feel like "Pooper Moms"...
    Speaking of all those poops, have you ever heard of Elimination Communication? It is a relationship formed between Mom and baby that allows baby to be out of diapers. It is a method practiced all over the world and is quite amazing. My daughter (2 1/2) stopped wearing diapers regularly at 3 months... Just a thought...
    Good luck to you and have a terrific day!
    Karen at The Art of Homebiscuitry