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April 25, 2010

The Sound that Makes Infants Cry

Last month, I introduced you all to the little-known fact that I am a SUPA' FAN of the Lord of the Rings movies. As in, I could recite the movies. And I can speak Elvish. And yes, I am wondering why I keep admitting to that fact.

They are my favorite movies of all time.

And I had hoped, one day, to share that excitement with my son. But apparently, Lord of the Rings is the sound that makes infants cry.

I currently have the Lord of the Rings theme song as a ringtone on my phone. Because I have taken SUPA' FAN-DOM to an entirely new level. Besides the ringtone, I also have the music set as the alarm sound on my phone.

When Nathaniel hears the alarm, it's always the same reaction; the lower lip quivers, the eyes get big... and then the screaming starts.

I would take a video to show you all. Just to prove that my Lord of the Rings ringtone is the one and only alarm that causes this reaction (apparently the Mission Impossible theme is highly preferable to baby ears), but my husband thinks it falls under the category of cruel and unusual punishment. And, incidentally, he was not at all amused when I demonstrated Nathaniel's aversion to the Lord of the Rings theme song tonight.

So I guess my baby isn't going to be following in my SUPA' FAN footsteps. Maybe he'll be a Trekkie instead.


  1. hahaha... oddly enough we've been watching the movies this weekend.

  2. I wish I could say the same for us! I've only been getting my LOTR fix via my phone these days.

  3. Okay, already...I guess this means you need to change your ringtone to "The Fishies Song!" It's the least you can do for your son!

  4. Might be difficult to find that song on iTunes...

  5. poor baby! I might would have that same reaction. ;)

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  7. Sad day!

    ps.. my new job is on RIVENDELL road (: Made me think of you! haha