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April 16, 2010

Rolling A Piano Down the Road = One Happy Baby

Most of you don't know this, but we have a piano in our living room. I have played since I was in the third grade. And my old piano teacher is now jumping for joy to hear that I still remember how to play Titanic.

When Jonathan and I were engaged, he purchased a house and I helped him move. One day as I was driving to the house, I drove past a piano on the side of the road.

I immediately pulled a highly illegal U-turn so I could scope out the piano. And guess what? They only wanted $20 for it! Sure, there was a broken key and it needed to be tuned so badly that it sounded like an episode of bad American Idol auditions. But it was TWO BLOCKS from Jonathan's house. And I couldn't pass it up.

After pounding on the front door for about 15 minutes, a teenage kid answered. I told him I would buy the piano, with one condition. He had to help move it. He agreed so I quickly enlisted the help of Jonathan's younger brother, Sean, who was living with Jonathan at that time.

We walked the two blocks down to the house and began the moving process. Now for those of you unfamiliar with pianos, you wouldn't know that they are HEAVY. As in, you need three grown adults just to PUSH it. And good luck lifting it.

Because our road had just been re-paved and it was smoother than the sidewalk, we opted to push the piano (yep, you guessed it) down the road. And at that choice moment, a cop drives by. And turns around and drives by again. And then pulls a U-turn and asks us what we are doing.

It took a little explaining. And he probably thought were were robbing someone's house. But he let us go. And we successfully pushed the piano into the garage.

Later that night in a feat that I was convinced would end in a trip to the hospital, Jonathan, his brother, and his father moved the piano upstairs (thank you, split level) into our living room. Where I have been informed it will stay, even if we move to a different house.

As you can imagine, the piano has been pretty quiet lately, what with a little person ruling the house. But because he has shown a real interest in music lately, I decided to give it a whirl. I set the babe in the bouncer and sat down to play. And although the jury is still out on whether he prefers Bach or showtunes, it's clear that I have a future musician on my hands.

Guess this means I'll have to get the piano tuned...


  1. As a fellow piano player I can totally relate to your story! Our piano is an almost 100 year old upright that used to be a piano teachers. She taught lessons on it for 50 years. I love the memories. But, sigh...does it need a tune!

    Blessings to you!

  2. I can't play but love all instruments. My grandmother has one that automatically plays and Isablella LOVES it. I def plan on taking her to get some sort of music lessons. My husband plays the guitar for her and we sing and dance all the time. That's great your little one likes it too :)

    So funny too about the cop. What are the chances at the time of you pushing the piano a cop drives by? So funny! What a story!