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April 29, 2010

Now That I'm Not Seeing Red

This is the second blog post I've written on this topic today. Because I was fairly certain that I would get sued if I posted the first one. So in the interest of not spending $500 on a lawyer, perhaps now I will be able to spend that money on a crib that isn't a death trap.

You know how you can sign up for product recalls via email? I signed up months ago, never thinking that anything we had purchased for Nathaniel would be recalled. Until today. When I got an email stating that Graco had recalled their dropside cribs.

And guess what kind of crib Nathaniel has been using for the past four months.

Of course, I received the email IN THE MIDDLE OF NAPTIME. So aside from the fact that my child was sleeping in a crib that could attack him in his sleep at any moment, it was quite a feat to verify the product number on the crib. It involved some very stealthy tiptoeing and several contortions to get my head underneath his crib far enough to see the sticker with the product number.

So once I double-checked my number against those listed online, it was blatantly obvious that we had purchased a lemon. And that we were damn lucky not be one of those families that suffered a loss because of their faulty crib.

After a few angry tweets and a deep breath to count my blessings, I went to the manufacturer's website to sign up for the free HARDWARE & WE'RE SORRY WE ALMOST KILLED YOUR CHILD kit. Apparently it takes 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. So where is my baby supposed to sleep until then? Perhaps I'll build him a nest out of sticks and grass. At least THAT couldn't get recalled.

In the end, I was forced to wake my sleeping baby to move him out of his crib. And for any of the mamas out there, you know exactly what interrupting naptime does to the rest of your day.



  1. Wow, that's scary. I cannot believe that the company is making you wait so long for the fix-it kit. Seriously, where IS your baby supposed to sleep during that time? Are you supposed to drive around all night with him in his carseat?

  2. It's not as bad as some recall fix-it kits I've heard. Apparently, some take up to 6 weeks! But still... you would think that they would want to provide customer service that surpasses people's expectations so that upset customers would be willing to purchase items from their company again! I don't know about other families in this situation, but I will be much more hesitant to buy from Graco after this whole situation!

  3. Opps, I just sent you the email and then read your blog. Sorry about that.

  4. No worries! Best to make sure that everybody knows about the recall so they don't keep using a potentially dangerous product!

  5. I feel bad for all the people having to answer phones and emails for this. At least there is something that can be done about it, even though it will take time, and Nathaniel's just fine.

  6. Fortunately, the company that manufactured the cribs has an automated system to deal with the hardware fix-it kit orders. And I am very grateful that Nathaniel is just fine. But I'm still angry that they were selling a dangerous product in the first place. Had the hardware on the crib been of a better quality, Graco wouldn't be recalling over 200,000 cribs right now.