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April 28, 2010

My Fridge is Off It's Deathbed

Y'all will be overjoyed to know that my fridge smells normal again. After opening my refrigerator to the smell of rotting milk for the past couple weeks, I put my foot down and declared NO MORE to that ungodly stench.

Now I try not to be a shoddy housewife, contrary to what you all probably think after hearing that I let this go on for A COUPLE WEEKS. But when you are facing a mountain of cloth diapers begging to be laundered, a kitchen sink filled with dirty dishes, and a babe screaming for mama to whip out a boob, a smell in the fridge gets pushed to the bottom of the list. As in, I'll get to it after I vacuum the clumps of hair off of my floor.

I finally got around to it. And I was determined to find whatever smelled like dead rats, drag it out to my backyard, and burn it. All while doing a tribal victory dance around the fire.

I pulled out the most likely culprits first- the milk. Lo and behold, it smelled... like milk. Not quite the scent I was hoping to find.

I did a bit more detective work, pulling out old tupperware containers filled with meats and leftover casseroles. I even sacrificed the remnants of the cheese log I hadn't eaten from Christmas.

But the smell just wouldn't go away.

I tried scrubbing the shelves in the fridge, imagining that something had crawled into my refrigerator and died. And somehow disappeared into the leftover gravy in the back corner. (This really makes y'all want to come over to my house for dinner, doesn't it?)

But guess what? The smell WAS STILL THERE.

It was like I was being divinely punished for some horrific kitchen-related sin. I would be forever cursed to live with a fridge that reeked of spoiled milk.

That was when I looked at the door of the fridge. There, next to the butter were two old cloves of garlic. On a whim and because I was disposing of every single item that had been in my refrigerator for over a week, I grabbed it and tossed it into the garbage can.


So word to the wise, old garlic smells like rotten milk. And it won't keep the vampires away either.


  1. This exact same thing has happened to me! I searched forever through the fridge looking for the bad smell only to find out it was the cloves of garlic! Now I just buy the huge jar of minced garlic and I get the same flavor for a lot less work, better price and no nasty rotten egg/milk/potato smell in my fridge

  2. I'm definitely going to have to remember to buy the jar next time!

  3. Ooooohhh....yucky! I had the same thing happen with a teeny container of leftover bean soup. It was tucked in the back of our fridge and man, oh man, did it smell everytime it was opened. Once the culprit was safely tossed....relief!

    I enjoyed reading your post.


  4. I had this problem 3 weeks before Ella Grace was born. It ended up being the left over develed eggs from my shower (a month before) that I thought was just a box of eggs... ewwwww