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April 7, 2010

My Brush With Death and It's Eight Eyes

Staying up late at night to blog takes a toll. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE writing and over-sharing about all of my experiences as a new mama, but it comes at a cost. Usually my sleep. Which makes me very entertaining the following morning. Just be glad you don't have to watch me dance around the house in my underwear to 90's pop music.

A few nights ago, I was about to go to bed around my usual hour of 3am when Nathaniel awoke. And wanted to play. For two hours.

So you can imagine my exhaustion level the following morning. I'd say it landed me solidly between the Backstreet Boys and early Brittany Spears.

In unusual moment of clarity and brilliance, I decided that a nap was in order that afternoon so I cuddled up to Nathaniel and shut my eyes. And just as I began to relax, I felt the tell-tale creeping sensation. I peeked at my arm and stared straight into the 8 ugly eyes of a spider. Who clearly had designs on my demise.

Now I don't believe I've previously mentioned my feelings about spiders. So I'll let you all in on a little secret: THEY ARE OUT TO KILL ME. Even the tiny, non-venomous ones.

This was when the true mama bear emerged. I wasn't about to let that eight-legged freak crawl onto my baby. Even if it meant that I had to touch a spider. And I squashed that spider with the exuberance you would only see from a 6 year old boy.

And then naptime was over for mama.


  1. omg I would have died.
    They are out to kill me too!
    I have suffered severe emotional and psychological trauma ever since my father made me watch "Arachnophobia" at the tender age of 7. Not really, but I mean, what was he thinking?

    gah, I have creepy crawlies just thinking about that.

  2. Oh my word!! I would have flipped out too!