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April 15, 2010

Losing the Spare Tire: Results Show Week 13

This week, I was actually looking forward to Thursday. Thursday being the day that I tentatively step onto my bathroom scale before I eat or drink ANYTHING because surely that morsel of breakfast or sip of water is going to skew my results. And dang it, nothing messes with my results!

Apparently this past week and the resulting effort not to stuff my face after midnight agreed with me. Because I lost two pounds and I'm officially weighing-in at 148lbs. In total, I've lost 47 pounds and I have 8 more to go. I'm getting so close to my wedding and pre-baby weight that I can practically taste it and that in and of itself is motivational.

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about my eating habits this week. I'm an emotional eater. Anytime I'm upset about something, my first inclination is to head for the fridge. Which isn't exactly a healthy response to emotional upset.

Quite frankly, this blog has been a great help in reducing my emotional eating. Y'all have kept me from drowning my sorrows in a 42oz. bag of M&M's more than once. But there are still those situations, especially the ones I choose not to share on the blog for one reason or another, that drive me to the fridge.

And that needs to stop.

Because I want my pre-baby body back. And because there are two little eyes watching my every move these days. Now while I do hope to instill a great love of M&M's into my son's life one day, I don't want him to learn mama's bad habits.

So while I won't be kissing my chocolate or french fries goodbye anytime soon, I will be keeping tabs on my emotional state. And I will be searching for a better outlet for my negative emotions than the bottom of a bag of M&M's. And if y'all would like to share how you deal with your emotional challenges, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I don't know if you are interested in any formal plans, but I did weight watchers and I actually got to my pre-pre wedding weight (like, before I even met Jeremy). The whole point thing worked much better for me than trying to count calories. I also liked that you can really eat anything you want, but you get to eat MORE food if you make healthy choices. I did the online plan because it's too hard to try to find and get to meetings. It took me about 6 months to lose almost 30 lbs.
    Elizabeth (Walton)

  2. The thing that broke me of my M&M habit was to actually eat so many I got sick :-D I accidentally ate an entire large bag of them while stressed about a paper... And since then, my chocolate eating has taken a huge dive! I wouldn't recomend that though, it was very unplesant!