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April 8, 2010

Losing the Spare Tire: Results Show Week 12

Some of you may have noticed the quiet absence of the Losing the Spare Tire segment last week. And some of you are skimming through my archives right now to try to figure out why. Stop skimming, folks. I was sick. So I took a week off. And I love chocolate. Which may or may not have influenced my decision to skip a week.

But now we're back and I have news. I'm down another pound and, after much fear and trembling, I am going to tell you all something I haven't spoken aloud in public for years. Ready? I'm down to 150 pounds and just 10 pounds away from my goal!

And I can't believe that I just typed that number.

See, no one really talks about weight, body-image issues, and pregnancy. Or what happens to your mindset after you have a baby. It's one of those facts that gets glossed over somewhere between morning sickness and poopy diapers.

But it's important. Because for all of those girls out there who have ever struggled with insecurity over our appearances, it's important to realize that we have worth beyond how we look. And that is why I'm sharing my weight.

See, thanks to the ever-patient therapist I saw during my senior year of college, I was finally able to come to a place where I recognized my worth as a person, apart from how I looked. And while I still won't go out in public without a little mascara, I worry a whole lot less what people think of me these days. And that new-found freedom makes me feel truly beautiful.

So with my weight-revelation tonight, I pose a question to all of you. How do you remind yourselves of your worth? And what makes you feel beautiful?


  1. Wow. How did not know this? I soooo feel you. except i am in the throws of it again.... but thankfully we are on an upwave! I am so proud of you for conquering it, you can do it, love your body baby!

  2. Oh... and how I remind my self... lots of post it notes... every where (cause facebook likes to tell me that I should go on the HCG diet... hahaha... NOT HAPPENING)

    What makes me feel beautiful? dollin' myself up sure is an esteem booster!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss.

    I have a hard time remembering to do things for myself and thinking about my own worth and remember to feel beautiful. It's even harder now with a 6 month old. I look forward to others tips!