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April 10, 2010

The Land of Diaper Crazy

Being a mother can make you do some crazy things. Like driving through Friday afternoon traffic for over two hours, just to buy your kid some new diapers. Apologies if I yelled some very unladylike phrases at any of you, if you were that slow driver on I-35 around 4pm.

We've recently been having some issues with diaper leaks thanks to a certain brand of cloth and because the all-knowing internet told me it was safe to use regular Tide on my diapers. For what it's worth to all the cloth-diapering mamas out there, DO NOT USE ORIGINAL TIDE. Unless you want to be up to your elbows in baby pee.

So I sold that particularly troublesome brand of our gently-used diapers and decided to use the money to purchase a different brand of poop catchers. And that is why I was driving through hours of traffic on Friday afternoon. My love of cloth diapers.

Once I decided on a brand to try (thanks to a recommendation from Diana over at Hormonal Imbalances), I only needed to find a place to purchase them. This is where my NOW personality comes into play. You see, the word "patience" is not in my vocabulary. Ever. Under any circumstances. So when it came time to buy new diapers, ordering them online was out of the question. (In my defense, imagine 4 clothing changes each day and see how fast you would want new diapers.)

After some searching, I found an online store based out of Stillwater, Minnesota which is located roughly forty-five minutes outside of downtown Minneapolis. Lil' Tulips sells all sorts of baby-related goodies, including the particular brand of cloth diapers I was hoping to purchase. The owner of the store, Jenny Jensen, graciously invited me to go to Stillwater and shop at her home, thus making my diaper dreams a reality.

Now I'm sure you all have noticed how I rave about awesome baby products, but I rarely discuss stores. This post is an exception to that rule because I had such a great experience shopping at Lil' Tulips. The owner is very knowledgeable about her products and she has great deals. (Coming soon, if you spend $50, you get a free travel-sized wet bag for your cloth diapers!) Plus, it's not all about making the sale; it's about customer satisfaction. After discussing diaper leaks and detergents for cloth diapers, Jenny sent me a follow-up email to ensure that I had all the information I needed so I didn't make any more newbie mistakes with diaper care, LIKE USING ORIGINAL TIDE.

So y'all should head on over to Lil' Tulips and do some shopping. Because if I go back to that site right now, I'm afraid my credit card will take on a life of its own and mysteriously become maxed-out. Entirely on cloth diapers.


  1. what brand are you trying now?

  2. I would recommend looking into G diapers. The reviews I have read are super for them. I registered for them and I am excited to start using them on my little boy in June. They have cloth inserts and biodegradable inserts. Good luck with your new diapering adventure!

  3. Hi - I just started following your blog. I'm looking into trying cloth diapers, can you tell me what kind you are trying now and if you like them? If you dont wanna post it on it - my email is