April 19, 2010

Kung Fu Mama

Time and time again, I continue to hear stories about strangers touching babies. Now I'm all for people ASKING to touch or hold a baby, but being a mother who may occasionally edge toward the over-protective, I find it incredibly rude when people simply assume that they can touch a baby.

I was recently in the grocery store checkout line, loading my groceries onto the conveyor belt. In order to unload them, I had to move to the front of the cart away from my baby, who was sitting peacefully at the back, in his car seat. Enter elderly man with his cart. Who gets right up close to my little boy.

Like any protective mama would do, I pulled my cart closer to myself to quickly finish unloading my food. Elderly man just walks up closer to Nathaniel. So what do I do? THROW the rest of my groceries onto the belt with superhuman speed and yank the cart closer to myself, while simultaneously getting in-between curious elderly guy and my baby.

I'm all for respecting elders y'all, but had that man reached for my baby, I would've had to whip out my mama kung fu on him. After politely asking him not to touch my son, of course.

While we mercifully avoided a touchy situation there, we did encounter this problem while we were recently at a mall as a family. I was shopping with my sister while my husband was pushing the baby in the stroller. (Because what man willingly goes into Victoria's Secret? Seriously, folks.)

Apparently, a strange woman walked up to the stroller and tried to touch Nathaniel. And this is where I am SO THANKFUL that the hubs and I are on the same page with random touchy strangers. Because my knight in shining armor drew his sword and slew the dragon. Or, in this case, he got between the strange lady and the babe. And asked her in the very polite way that only he could muster, not to touch our baby. And then he thanked his lucky stars that his wife was shopping for panties instead of playing Jackie Chan with some strange woman.

So if you see me out shopping with my baby, you are more than welcome to ask if you can touch him. And once you bathe in Purell, I will probably give you the all-clear. But warning to those who dare reach without asking, my kung fu is strong.

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  1. I feel the same way. A baby is not public property, people! Didn't these people have kids at some point? You would think they would remember how rude it is. ;-)