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April 30, 2010

Four Months

My little tiny newborn baby is four months old today. And once I emerged from the corner of my room where I was holed up in the fetal position, Nathaniel was all, WOMAN COME OVER HERE AND FINISH TEACHING ME THE CHAOS THEORY. I GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE TOMORROW AND I'M GETTING MARRIED ON TUESDAY.

It doesn't seem possible that four months could go by so quickly.

It seems like only yesterday that my slippery baby was placed on my chest as he screamed his indignation at a very bright and chilly world. And then in the span of two heartbeats, he was responding to mama's voice and smiling. Three seconds later, here we are at four months with a baby who is all smiles, giggles, and screams.

The past days and weeks have been lessons in both in joy and patience. And I am quite certain that I will be investing in hearing aids before the age of 30. Because Nathaniel has recently learned that bellowing with the force of a small hippopotamus is an excellent way to garner attention.


These days, my little boy is all smiles and is showing off the beginnings of three pearly whites. Because he has decided to do everything at an accelerated pace. Including cutting teeth. Which brings us back to bellowing like a small hippopotamus. Who knew that teething salvation could be made of rubber and that it would not only help the babe's gums but also postpone the inevitable parental hearing loss?

For those of you wondering, Super Baby currently weighs in at 18 pounds 5 ounces and is 27 inches long. He's in the 95th percentile all around and will be in his infant carseat for about two more seconds before he starts busting out the sides and asking to drive.

It's all going by so quickly and as his mama, I want nothing more than to drink it all in. I want to burn these memories into my mind so that when the day comes that my little boy is a grimy teenager who leaves his boxers on the bathroom floor and comes home past curfew, I will be able to remember that sweet baby scent. And smile knowing that I didn't miss one precious opportunity for snuggles with my son.


  1. What.a.cutie!! :) Happy 4 monthday (he's a day younger than my Lovie).

  2. Aww! Happy 4 months little one!

    I have the exact same feelings about my girl. She is growing tooo fast. And the thought of her one day being a teenager makes me want to run, hide, and cry my eyeballs out.

  3. It's definitely a wild, speedy ride, this parenting thing. Glad you're strapped in and ready with your eyes wide open. You won't want to miss a single second of me!

  4. I just realized Nathaniel is exactly 1 month older than Ella Grace!! Super Snazzy!

  5. He is SO cute! Love the shirt too. I know, it just goes by entirely too fast! Why can't they just slow down some?

    Very cool that he's sitting up before he even turned 4 months old too!

  6. Thanks- the shirt is just a white onesie. You can get the month stickers from! :)

  7. A little late, but happy 4 months!! So cute! It goes by so fast...

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  9. We share thesame story!! My daughter is now 14months and I am still 23. Although I dont plan on being a stay at home mom. I just graduated college, and I just got a job. So really trying to work things out here. Your son is gorgeous, I have always wanted a son, but I know i'll have mine someday.

    I love your blog!!!

  10. I am sooooo sad I have such an old boy, but excited too. But look at your big sitter! Amazing!