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April 26, 2010

Entering The Highly-Controversial Land of Solids

I'm sure that a few of you remember the controversy we caused when our pediatrician gave the green light to introduce rice cereal when Nathaniel was two months old. Remember that debacle?

So we gave the rice cereal a try and decided that our little boy just wasn't quite ready. Fast forward two months.

Rice cereal attempt #2. And because he clearly inherited mama's taste buds, which is usually something along the lines of GIVE ME MACARONI AND CHEESE OR GIVE ME DEATH, Nathaniel was somewhat unamused by the tasteless cereal. Even when mixed with milk.

So we are now entering the highly-controversial land of solid foods. Where everyone and their mother has an opinion on what to do for your baby. And where I am quite certain that several of you think I've lost my marbles for giving my baby sweet potatoes at four months. Or as it goes at our house... SUH-WEEEET POTATOES!

But that's the beauty of the situation and why you have YOUR OWN babies. You can introduce solids whenever you and your pediatrician see fit. And as long as you're not one of those clingy mamas who is still whipping out a boob to nurse an eight-year-old child, there's no judgment here.

As parents, we have to do what we believe to be right for our babies. For some of us, that might just include suh-weeeet potatoes at four months. For others it might involve co-sleeping, baby-wearing, or letting your little one cry it out.

So whether you decide to introduce sweet potatoes at four months, six, or later, I have one piece of advice to offer the mamas out there. I beg, nay, I implore you not to look too closely at the diaper following the potatoes. Because that tasty orange goo looks exactly the same coming out as it does going in!


  1. We started avocados this past weekend. sweet potatoes is third on my list-my pediatrician sid because my son has such fair skin, starting with sweet potatoes might give it an orange tinge!

  2. Mike always says that when our parents start giving us unwanted advice. You had your own kids, this one is ours. We'll do what we want.

  3. LOL. My baby HATED avocado. The face was priceless!!!

    We are trying pears today :D Great Job Alyssa and well put. I had someone really chew me out when we started Sophia on solids a few weeks ago and we waited until she was 6 months.

    The only thing I will say is keep trying! Sophia still isn't big on eating anything besides my milk. She gets a few teaspoons, if that down and she is done. We are working on it though. We have re-introduced a few things, such as rice cereal, peas and green beans, and she was a little more enthused the second time around. Here's to solids!!!

  4. I so agree...every family is different just like every baby is different. Introduce foods when you see fit. Plus since Nathaniel already has a couple teeth, I'm sure he's more then ready to start trying food too.

  5. Can you imagine just eating rice cereal and just drinking milk/formula? Life would be so boring! Hope everything works out with the sweet potatoes!

  6. "Suh-weet Po-ta-toes!" I can still hear myself announcing it's arrival to your mouth via the flying spoon, Alyssa! It was one of your favorites!

  7. That last sentence is SO true. So does Butternut Squash, BTW.