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April 2, 2010

Baby #2

Many of you have seen pictures of Nathaniel. Those of you who follow the daily photo section of this blog have seen how big my little boy has grown. And he really isn't so little anymore.

Jonathan and I recently did the baby-pass-off while standing on our bathroom scale to try to get an idea of how much he currently weighs. Despite the epic reliability of our bathroom scale (HA), we got what we feel was an accurate reading. Which was between 17 and 18 pounds.

There must be something in the milk.

Now despite what you hear about "obese" babies in our weight-obsessed culture, Nathaniel isn't fat. If you see him in-person, it's quite obvious that he is perfectly proportioned. For as much as he weighs, he is equally tall. I've said it before... future linebacker. GO VIKINGS.

It's hard to believe that my baby is now the size of a small toddler. In truth, he hardly seems like a baby anymore.

And let's be honest... that makes me want baby #2.

Yes. I just said it. I do miss the little baby stage. As thrilling and exciting as each and every new day is with Nathaniel, there was something special about the baby who eats, sleeps, and poops, all while staring up at mommy and daddy.

I wouldn't trade a minute of time that I am given with Nathaniel and I love watching him discover new things each day... but having been through the precious time with a newborn once, I do look forward to the day that we will have yet another baby in our house.

Perhaps baby #2 will be a quarterback?


  1. We have a friend who also has a big baby. Not obese, just big. He weighs more then Sophia, as does Nathaniel, but he is pretty tall. Another baby huh? I have been going through that lately too. Not going to happen here, unless God says otherwise!

  2. Pretty sure it isn't going to happen here either for awhile... unless the BC fails and I get knocked up that way! Regardless, baby #2 will happen eventually. Just have to wait for the right time :)