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March 22, 2010

Three Years

Three years ago today, I went out on my last first date. Had you asked me then what my life would be like over the following three years, my answer likely would have included graduating from college and getting married. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected that those years would include so many unexpected AND JUST DOWNRIGHT CRAZY twists and turns.

By far, the most unpredictable change in my life was getting pregnant. Sure, I knew that I wanted to have children. Someday. But Jonathan and I were just starting out as a married couple. After our wedding, we moved in together and were busy enjoying some of the (ahem) privileges of being married that we had chosen not to indulge in before we tied the knot.

Because I couldn't use any form of hormonal birth control (a long and twisted tale for another blog), we had chosen to use condoms as our form of pregnancy prevention. Let me just inform all of you out on the interwebs... YOU HAVE TO USE IT EVERY TIME. Did you hear me? EVERY time. (Most of you are sitting at your computers, shaking your heads and saying WELL, DUH.)

Seeing the little blue line on the pregnancy test was pretty shocking, although I'm not sure what I expected after NOT using birth control every time. So the following nine months definitely went under the category of unexpected circumstances when I look back at the last few years.

With the birth of my son, my whole world changed even more. Suddenly IT WASN'T ABOUT ME anymore. Need a shower? Too bad. Want to eat? Baby comes first! This change altered my existence completely, something I never expected to happen within three years.

And right now, I am watching my baby boy sleep peacefully in his crib, knowing that the time I spend writing this entry is likely the only time to myself I will have within the next 24 hours.


Which is one of the greatest changes of all. I don't mind sacrificing my time for my son and enduring that change in my life. Because for all of the changes that I have experienced over the last three years, both good and bad, I can honestly say that I am the better for them. And despite the unexpected circumstances which have cropped up in my life, if I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing.

Because the last three years have completely altered my life. They brought me my husband and my son. And that means more to me than a few hours of free time.

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  1. I know what you mean by this whole post...when I think back to being in college I would never have thought I'd be married and pregnant at 24. And yup, it only takes ONE time to get preggo. :) I went off my birth control pills, and we decided to just see what would happen...yup, that ONE first time off birth control in 5 years. That's all it can take. :)