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March 10, 2010

The People of Subway

Since we don't get to spend much time together when she's at school and since she is currently home on spring break, I got together with my little sister for lunch today. We met up at Subway in Hinckley, MN. For those of you who live out-of-state, Hinckley is the half-way point that EVERYONE stops at between the Twin Cities and Duluth. To give you an idea of the kind of town Hinckley has become, it makes most of its revenue off of a casino and fast food joints directly off the highway and is the proud owner of Tobies, a restuarant that desperately needs to hire some new chefs. But I digress...

Anna and I sat down with our sandwiches and I was treated to a sight which I hope never to see again. A mother had handed her little baby A PLASTIC BAG TO PLAY WITH. YES, LET'S GIVE THE BABY SOMETHING HE COULD USE TO STRANGLE HIMSELF. BECAUSE THAT'S ALWAYS FUN. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to bear children.

After we finished our sandwiches and Nathaniel had been given a bottle, I brought him to the bathroom to change his poopy diaper. I walked into the bathroom... NO CHANGING TABLE. At which point, I was sorely tempted to change him and smear poop all over a booth purely out of spite. And then I remembered that it wasn't the employees' fault that they don't have a changing table.

Once I got home (just for fun), I looked up the cost of putting a changing table in a restaurant. To purchase and install a Koala Classic Horizontal Changing Station, the cost is $185.99. A mere $185 makes things sanitary for your customers. ARE THE OWNERS REALLY SUCH CHEAP, PENNY-PINCHING IDIOTS THAT THEY CAN'T AFFORD A CHANGING TABLE?! Come on.

I ended up changing Nathaniel in his carseat (twice, actually) and the manager apologized that they didn't have a place where he could be changed. Still, I will think long and hard about going back if I have to change my baby in his carseat.

After the plastic bag and poopy diaper adventures, Anna and I did get some quality time to catch-up on life and we were able to take a few pictures. It was a fun... and very unique... lunch date.


  1. You should find out who owns the franchise and send a letter or email. It may not be something they have thought of. Crazy, yes, but possible. Just a thought :)

  2. I changed Sophia in a booth once. I put my pad down and cleaned up the mess when I was done, but it was a nice restaurant and they didn't have one. Another story, yes, you want to know, When I was driving home from Minnesota, I stopped at a store in Wall and the changing table was right in front of the stall! There was someone in it, so I had to wait. I thought that while I was doing so I would just use the other stall and go to the bathroom. Ugh! I should of waited, because while I was going to the bathroom, the person came out and someone else went in. Ugh! I ended up changing her on the tiny counter top. Some people just don't think. Awe, a bag. What is wrong with people!

  3. Yes, I hate the subway's for their lack of changing tables....I laid down my winter coat on the floor (I was impressed at how clean the employees kept that particular store's bathroom), put the changing pad from the diaper bag on top of my coat and quickly changed my little girl's diaper...