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March 29, 2010

The Not So Classic Nerd

When I was in high school, I went through a nerdy phase. Now when I say "nerdy phase" most of you are probably picturing big glasses and a pocket protractor. Or perhaps even big hair and scrunchies. I will have you know, I was WAY beyond all of that... because I went through the hair and scrunchy phase in junior high.

I was a LOTR geek, otherwise known as a SUPA' FAN of the Lord of the Rings movies. I read the books, memorized the movies, and knew everything about the actors' lives, both onscreen and off. And I was not alone. Within my school, there existed a small group of us who were equally obsessed with these cinematic marvels.

We lived and breathed Lord of the Rings. When the first movie in the series premiered, we saw it multiple times in the theater. By the time The Two Towers was released, were were hooked. So much so that we stood outside for the entire day, in the midst of a Minnesota winter where the weather was comprised of freezing rain and sleet, camped out with other die-hard fans just to see the movie on opening day.

After seeing the Two Towers, several of us decided we needed to learn Elvish. Because every high school girl wants to learn a fictional language. So learn it we did. And then we used our vast knowledge to pass notes back and forth, in Elvish, during class. Because no one would know what we were saying. Oh, weren't we clever?

The final movie in the series, The Return of the King, brought us to an entirely new level. For weeks, we planned and schemed to get tickets to the midnight showing. We even designated a relative to arrive at the theater and purchase tickets for us, since we were obligated to be at school when the theater opened.

The night of the final premiere, we made matching t-shirts with gold, metallic paint, featuring the One Ring. Yes, there are pictures. But I fear that my fellow Super Fans would hunt me down and murder me in my sleep if I publicized them. Nerdy phase and all, you know.

We arrived at the theater with five hours to spare and spent the time pacing back and forth and counting down until midnight. When the time finally arrived, we were first into the theater and claimed our seats to enjoy the next three hours.

Eventually, the hype died down and we grew out of our nerdy phases. But for all the work we put into it, I still have my t-shirt. And I still know Elvish.


  1. This sounds exactly like my friends and me when I was in 8th grade. We froze our butts off in the November cold of Idaho to go to the premier showings. We also wrote notes to one another in Elvish. We were so obsessed with the hot actors that we had their entire online biographies memorized. Those were some good times... haha

  2. Nice! Lol, I laughed through this whole thing. Besides that, as I write this there is a Lord of the Rings ad right beside me on your page. If you didn't put it there on purpose, that is just crazy.

  3. Haha! I remember you girls doing that. It induced a lot of eye rolling from me. : ) I seem to recall vast memorization of Pirates of the Caribbean too? : )

  4. Oh yes, Pirates of the Caribbean was just too fun... especially the Johnny Depp imitations!