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March 23, 2010

The Most Unlikely Toy

It's funny how children choose their favorite toys. You could purchase the biggest, baddest, most popular toy on the market and a little child might still prefer a tiny stuffed animal.

As a child, my parents filled my crib with stuffed animals. And now all of the newbie-parents out there are having a fit. OH MY GOSH. STUFFED ANIMALS IN THE CRIB?! AND YOU LIVED THROUGH YOUR CHILDHOOD?!

And for those of you who are not hyperventilating into a brown paper bag right now, I will have you know that nowadays, having stuffed animals in the crib with your baby is considered a serious risk for SIDS. But then again, so are bumpers. And blankets. And sleeping while wearing a hat.

Really, it is amazing that I lived to produce my own child after sleeping in a crib with a bumper, stuffed animals, blankets, and probably a few hats.

But because they loved their little girl, my wonderful parents wanted me to be surrounded by warm, snuggly stuffed animals (which, at the time, was considered perfectly safe). I had a slew of the fluffiest, most adorable stuffed animals a child could want... and do you know what I picked as my favorite of all the animals? A tiny and very flat dog.

Really, Pupps as he came to be known, wasn't much of a stuffed animal at all. He barely had fur and wasn't soft or squishy. But he was my favorite. And had anyone tried to take him away from me, I would've fought them to the bitter end.

Over the years, Pupps endured some wear and tear and had to go to the hospital numerous times for stitches (thanks, mom). He went on "vacation" a few times and was nearly lost forever at a garage sale. But somehow he made it through my childhood and he still sits on my nightstand.

Looking at Pupps tonight made me wonder... what will Nathaniel pick as his favorite toy? Will he like the fluffy bear that his mommy and daddy bought for him before he was born? Or will he take after his mama and become inseparable with the most unlikely of toys?



  1. I must say I rather enjoyed the sarcasm you hurtled at the paranoid parents. I too get sick of how everything that we grew up with is becoming bad...awesome. Of course I ain't a parent nor even married yet, so I'm sure I don't even have a clue of how bad it is.

  2. I have SO many memories of searching frantically for PUPPS! Probably my favorite memory, however, is checking on you late one night when you were a very "independent" teenager. I cracked open your bedroom door and found you fast asleep, still holding onto your treasured childhood friend. The sight of that quickly melted all the challenges of the day away for me. PRICELESS!

  3. How sweet! This reminds me of my childhood bear "Kirby". You've inspired a post for my blog about Kirby. :)