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March 4, 2010

Losing the Spare Tire: Results Show Week 7

After the way I ate this past week (read LOTS of sugar and a rekindled love of Wendys), I fully expected to see the numbers on the scale go up. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale expecting the worst and saw that the number had DROPPED.

I have only one thing to say about this... THANK YOU NATHANIEL. I fully credit nursing with the three-pound loss this week since I did absolutely nothing to help it along, unless you count parking my butt on the couch, watching old episodes of Stargate (yes, I am that nerdy) and making whole meals of homemade trail mix.

So since this magical weight loss isn't going to last forever, I should probably consider changing my diet to something that doesn't reflect my eating habits from college. Exercise has gone out the window these past few weeks, but this coming week, I am resolving to get some sort of physical activity in at least five days, even if it's just walking around the mall.

So here's to dragging my butt off the couch, pretending that I like veggies, and the start of week eight...


  1. Hey!
    I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure you got the e-mail I sent about the giveaway! If you need to get in touch with me, my e-mail is
    I'm so excited!

  2. I actually do like veggies...and I still have a hard time getting them into my diet. I go for my 6-weeks PP appointment on the 15th and am anxious to see what the scale shows then! Good Luck this week!