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March 3, 2010

It's A Freaking Owl

To keep Nathaniel entertained this morning while I jumped into the shower, mama broke out the big guns... the toys that came with his bouncer!

When I first attached the toys onto the bouncer, the look on my little boy's face was a combination of YOU'VE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME, WOMAN and OH MY GOSH! IT'S AN OWL! A FREAKING OWL! AND WHAT'S THIS?! A HEDGEHOG?!

Incidentally, who puts a hedgehog on a child's toy? What ever happened to little teddy bears? What possibly possessed the Fisher Price marketing department to put a hedgehog on a bouncer?

...Because in two years, my little boy's favorite animal will be a hedgehog.


  1. lol. freaking hilarious. And oh so true!

    I'm a new follower. found you on TopBabyBlogs! :)

  2. Hedgehogs rock. The first animal Turtle really showed a preference for? The peacock. Followed by the walrus. Go figure.

  3. Lizzy has the pink version of this bouncer, and LOVES it. She is totally fascinated by the flowers!

  4. Garrett loves to stare at the hedgehog and owl too! He doesn't seem to care much about the squirrel.

  5. Hey - it's Bella263 from the Bump. I haven't been on in so long but was thinking about you - wondering if you had a blog. I always see this one on Top Mommy Blogs but didn't know it was yours!! Your son is adorable and you look great! I hope you will come visit me, and now I have to go follow you. :)