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March 8, 2010

I Saved Our Planet

A year ago, I was about as far from a crunchy granola girl as you could get. When I first met Jonathan, he had to force me (and we are talking practically at gunpoint here, people) to recycle. No joke.

It's not that I hate the environment. Heck, I like the ozone layer as much as the next gal. I just don't think that my pop can is going to kill us all.

The past year has brought about my evolution into a crunchy granola mama and my personal feelings on recycling (a practice which I have adopted, you will all be happy to know) have changed. I have begun looking for ways to save money and be more environmentally-friendly.

Take our latest money-saving/planet-saving idea, for example. We are only using baby wipes now if we are traveling with Nathaniel; at home, we have converted to washcloths. And I have to say that it works ever so much better than wipes when it comes to cleaning poo off a dirty bottom.

I took an old wipes case, filled it with baby washcloths folded in half and poured enough water in the container to just cover the washcloths. When I need to use one, I squeeze it out and wipe. Voila. I just saved our planet.


  1. That is a very creative idea! Great job!

  2. i tried that for a while until poop got bigger and i was tired of doing laundry for poopy wash cloths! ha ha but then again i've got 6 to wash for and i hate laundry! i need a laundry fairy!!!

  3. Just plain water? WHY IS THAT SO EASY?!?!