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March 11, 2010

Holy Crap... Literally!

Warning: This post contains graphic images of baby poop. If you are eating cottage cheese, I highly recommend that you put down the spoon.

Around 1am this morning, Nathaniel woke up and fussed until I fed him. As usual, there was the tell-tale rumble in his diaper about halfway through the feeding so once he was done, we headed back to the nursery for a good ol' fashioned diaper change.

We broke out a nice, crisp diaper and cleaned up his butt. I laid my little boy down in his crib to go wash out the cloth diaper when there was yet another rumble.

Back to the changing table we went!

I unfastened diaper number one and slid diaper number two into place when, very suddenly and without any warning, poo EXPLODED out of my son's butt, splashing the clean diaper, changing table, and the floor in a very special shade of yellow/green poop.

And because I'm that kind of mama, my first request (upon calling for Jonathan's help) was for the camera.

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