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March 1, 2010

Crib Chronicles

Being the ever-determined mama that I am, today I decided to conquer naptime. And I picked the one and only day that Nathaniel wouldn't nap to begin this process. Brilliant planning, mama. Just brilliant.

My good friend Kylie recently sent me a link to an online article which talked about sleep training for babies. Now before y'all break out your torches and pitchforks, I KNOW that Nathaniel is too young to be put on an effective sleep schedule. Breathe, people. The article discussed ways to set your baby up for a good sleep schedule in the future so parents aren't forced to break bad habits when the baby becomes old enough for sleep training.

One of the ideas for good sleep patterns that was proposed by the article was imposing regular naptimes throughout the day, something I have let slide. At our house, Nathaniel chooses where he would like to plop his royal hiney down for a nap; some days it's the bouncer, others it's mama's bed, and on especially fussy days, the ONE AND ONLY PLACE (AND THERE WILL BE NO NEGOTIATION ABOUT THIS, WENCH) he will nap is in mama's arms.

Given the fact that we've had some trouble recently with Nathaniel being willing to fall asleep in his crib at night, something needed to change. So off to establish a good nap schedule we went. And there was only one problem- he wouldn't nap.

By luck of the draw, I managed to pick the day when my little boy was wide awake and refused to be put down in his crib for a brief snooze. But what he didn't know was that he got his stubborn streak from mama.

There was no bouncer today. There was no time spent laying on mama's bed because DANG IT if he was going to sleep, it was going to be done in the crib!!

In the end, it was a draw. Nathaniel fell asleep for about a half-hour (a measly amount of sleep compared to his normal schedule) but it was done in the crib. Small triumphs. Baby steps get on the bus... baby steps down the aisle... baby steps... (For those of you who haven't seen 'What About Bob,' go rent it. Now.)


  1. We are in the exact same boat! It's ironic how our boys are in the same stage at the same time! Yesterday, Garrett slept for two and a half hours in his crib! And last night he slept there all night long waking up only once to eat! Major progress!!! I "think" what did the trick was we got a little heating pad and warmed it up on his bed (not too hot, obviously) and then took it off and I layed him down. So instead of a cold sheet waking him up he has a nice warm bed. Hope that helps! GL!!!

  2. No need to apologize. We're working on some "sleep training" too. It's important to instill routines for babies. Our little one goes to bed when we put him down whether he's ready to go to sleep or not. Last night, he was wide eyed, so he just watched his soother for a while and finally went to sleep. No crying. Just a long time of awake time. Hope it keeps up. He slept through the night! :)

  3. Sophia only takes short naps! Seriously, the girl knows when an hour is up! She will sleep longer if we are napping together, but otherwise she takes about 4 or 5 short naps during the day. I have read this is okay. So, if Nathaniel chooses to take shorter naps, but frequently, then that is fine too. Glad the link had some helpful hints.

  4. I definitely agree with setting up good routines for the future. That's excellent advice. But don't worry too much - Turtle spent 4 months only napping in his bouncy seat or in the sling I wore him in. He transitioned seamlessly from his PNP to his crib and is a champion napper and sleeper. Nathaniel will get there. :)