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March 30, 2010

Three Months of Learning

My little boy is three months old. Three months. Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that I was walking out of the hospital like the Tinman (gotta watch those stitches, you know) and changing the first of many explosive diapers.

These past months have been a learning experience for this mama. And although they have been wonderful months, there are a few key things I wish I would have known before squeezing a human being out of my body.

1. Green, chunky poop is normal for babies. And thanks to those diapers, you will never crave cottage cheese again.

2. Naptime is for the weak. At least, according to a three-month-old. Take your preconceived ideas about your little one sleeping daily from 1-3pm and chuck them straight out the window. Unless you gave birth to a robot (ouch), your baby won't be on the perfect sleep schedule. So be prepared to be flexible.

3. The ugly toys will save your sanity. No matter how unappealing that homely toy may be, keep in mind that your baby may just love it to pieces. Thus making it the prized possession you will guard with very your life during those long hours of teething.

4. The words 'baby gear' and 'budget' will never be uttered in the same sentence. Or in my case, you wouldn't utter the word budget if you were subjected to Chinese water torture.

5. It's all worth it. Every moment of crying and every second you want to pull your hair out because your child is inconsolable seem to fade away when you see that little smile and those two adoring eyes staring back at you.

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  1. Very true! I totally agree with #2! So worth it though!