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February 27, 2010

Rice Update

Today was the third night of trying rice cereal with Nathaniel, and Jonathan and I have come to an important decision- we don't think he's ready. Although our pediatrician gave us the go-ahead for introducing rice cereal, Nathaniel clearly doesn't enjoy the taste and seems to struggle with eating it off a spoon.

With this in mind, we have decided to wait a few more weeks before trying an entirely new approach. When we attempt the rice cereal introduction again, we are going to try it during the day when Nathaniel is awake and in a good mood, rather than working on a new skill late in the evening.

I am very glad that we tried the rice cereal when we did; we would have had no way of knowing if Nathaniel was ready for cereal unless we gave it a try. Although it didn't go quite the way Jonathan and I had hoped, we aren't disappointed since we want to do what is best for our little boy. He's not quite ready so we will wait a few more weeks and try again.

From everything we've read and advice we've received, one of the most important parts of being parents is taking cues from your child. Jonathan and I are still working to understand Nathaniel's cues, but we are learning along with our little boy. So for now, the rice cereal will wait, but as long as that is the best choice for my son, I'm happy with that.

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  1. my view is dr's don't always know what's best! :o)
    great job w/going w/ur gut!!
    i just breast fed my baby(ies) on demand and it was round the clock for what seemed like ages! (still nursing my 17m old and preggers w/#5)
    we waited until lily was 5m old to do cereal...seemed the right time for us...each mommy/daddy is diff.

    your little boy is precious!!!