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February 18, 2010

Nathaniel Meets Sophia

My pregnancy happened to coincide perfectly with two of my friends' pregnancies and this week was the first time that Nathaniel met one of his future friends, Sophia. For your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of their first playtime!
Nathaniel and Sophia laying on the playmat

Nathaniel became hungry and tried to eat Sophia

Kylie and I with our babies

Jonathan and I with our son and goddaughter


  1. So cute! I'm a MN mama too and just found your blog through mom blogs. I look forward to reading more :)


  2. How sweet! I just found out that a close friend is due 3 months after I am. Very excited to share this amazing adventure with her. :)


  3. Oh my goodness! Look at him nom on her, too flippin' cute. So great that you have friends at the same stage in life. My cousin is due a few months before me, but they live a few hours away :(