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February 25, 2010

Losing the Spare Tire: Results Show Week 6

Looking back at this past week and the sad old man (my pet name for my post-baby tummy), I'm not quite sure how this happened. Could it be that I didn't make any trips to Caribou coffee this week? Or perhaps that I denied my love of ice cream for dessert? Whatever it was, I need to figure it out, bottle it, and market it to the general public, because I lost four pounds this week y'all!!

With the total lost this week, I am now nine pounds away from my wedding weight and fourteen pounds away from my goal!

I accomplished my goal of abstaining from Diet Pepsi for one day this past week but I haven't quite made it back to exercising with Jillian since I was sick this weekend. Tomorrow morning, baby permitting, I will be grabbing my hand weights and sweating it out with my TV. Not something I'm particularly looking forward to, but I do want to lose the baby weight by May so something has to give, right?

This coming week, I'm going to eat my vegetables, make a brave effort to work out with Jillian a few times, and consider not gorging myself on trail mix.

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