February 4, 2010

Losing the Spare Tire: Results Show Week 3

It's week three in the effort to shed this baby weight and I have news! I lost four pounds this last week (cue the balloons and confetti)! I am now fifteen pounds away from what I weighed at my wedding and I'm so excited that we are finally making some real headway on getting rid of this spare tire!

I accomplished my goals for this week of eating healthy and working out on more than three days. For next week, I am going to make an effort to eat more vegetables and continue to work out three or more days! Here's to progress...


  1. That's awesome! Congrats on losing the 4 lbs!

  2. You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award...go to my blog
    www.twin-spiration.com and follow the instructions.
    I love your blog!

  3. uggg, I know how you feel. Every time I take my kid to the daycare at the gym, she gets sick then gets me sick and I don't feel like working out. It's putting a serious damper on my gettin' in shape!