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February 9, 2010

Let the Snoozing Commence

Every mother can relate to the days where your child won't let you put him or her down without a barrage of screams and tears. Today was that day in our house and it came hand-in-hand with irony. I spent the day sitting in my sweats, holding my little boy to prevent inconsolable crying, but five minutes before his daddy arrived home, he fell sound asleep and I was finally able to put him in his bouncer!

Of course, he was well-behaved for the rest of the night and even spent some quality time napping on Jonathan's shoulder. Oh my adorable little boy, what am I going to do with you?

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  1. Oh the joys! Its incredible how they can sense they are being moved away from ones body... WHILE THEIR ASLEEP! The kids I nanny totally pull that every time. Sometimes you just gotta let them scream it out... Other times Just rocking with a sleeping baby is the best feeling in the entire world.