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February 24, 2010

I've Created a Monster

You all remember the movie where Dr. Frankenstien looks at his creation and yells that it's alive, don't you? Imagine that same scientist, pulling out his hair and yelling, 'It won't sleep!' That about sums up what we went through tonight.

Why am I saying this? Because I have created a monster. Granted, he is a very cute monster, but a monster nonetheless. Apparently over the course of the last two months, I have taught Nathaniel that it is completely fine to go to sleep every night in mama and daddy's bed. This wouldn't be a big issue, but for the fact that HE WILL NOT FALL ASLEEP IN HIS CRIB.

Oh my gosh. What have I done and what the heck was I thinking?! The long and short of it was that I wasn't. I love cuddling with my little boy so much that I allowed him to fall asleep in our bed every single night, only to (very carefully so we don't wake him) move him to his crib when it's time for us to go to bed.

I decided to attempt putting him in his crib tonight because mama felt like she needed a little break and wanted some personal time. The crib lasted maybe five minutes before Nathaniel began fussing. Mama got up, calmed him, put him back down. Rinse and repeat several more times.

You can guess where this is going I'm sure. Guess who is snuggled up next to me in bed? I couldn't take the fussing anymore (call me a wimp, but I'm a sucker for the sad baby face) and since I am a firm believer that 2 month old babies are too young to cry it out, I picked up my little boy and brought him into bed with me... where he instantly fell into a peaceful sleep.

Somebody has mama well-trained...


  1. Oh no! Luckily, our baby boy sleeps in his crib at night. But, I can't get him to take naps during the day unless he is being held. Thank God for my Moby Wrap!

  2. We're the exact same way. Jackson won't sleep alone!

  3. We are in this boat too! I went out and got a snugglenest (best invention ever, by the way) so Garrett could sleep in our bed and I wouldn't have to worry about rolling over on him. He just wouldn't sleep in his crib. Not the best thing ever but we are all getting more sleep and that's enough for now!

  4. Kirsten sleeps in her car seat in the crib haha! So at least she is in the crib?
    It'll happen eventually. Just keep trying!

  5. Oh I have treid my hardest not to let my soon do that- I am doing good for now but I am sure I will eventally give in. I love your site and I am visiting from another mom blogger. Your family is adorable and you are too cute! I would love for you to come visit me and check out my southern recipes,etc. I am also doing a great Lisa Lenoard jewerly giveaway this week so be sure to come by and enter! Have a great night! XO