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February 26, 2010

Introducing Rice!

Now before you all go getting your undies in a collective bundle because this mama introduced rice cereal at two months instead of four, let me save you the ire... our pediatrician thought it was a good idea. So please take a deep breath before going forward.

At our two-month appointment this afternoon, I brought up one of the issues we've been having with Nathaniel in the last few weeks: sleep, or the lack thereof. When we brought Nathaniel home from the hospital, he was a great sleeper and would go for 5 hour stretches at a time during the night. Naturally, we were thrilled.

It lasted a blissful month-and-a-half before Nathaniel's sleep schedule changed drastically. Now my little boy wakes up every two to three hours, like clockwork. I actually timed him one night- he woke up at 12:15, 3:15, and 6:15, crying each time because he was hungry.

My body has adjusted to the change in our feeding schedule, but it would be nice to work forward (say to eventually sleeping through the night) instead of regressing to what I would expect would be something similar to a newborn's sleep schedule.

Our pediatrician agreed that we could start Nathaniel on a small amount of rice cereal, in the hopes that it would provide a bit more sustenance and would allow him to sleep for longer periods. I'll let you all know how it goes in the morning...

Needless to say, it was an adventure introducing rice cereal for the first time, as was eating with a spoon! I would say that at least half of what I fed Nathaniel landed on his bib, but he will eventually get the hang of utensils. And because I couldn't resist, here is a picture of my very messy and very sleepy little boy post-cereal. Bon appetit!


  1. Yah, let us know how that goes for sure! I didn't introduce solids until 6 months, and that still didnt make Isabelle sleep longer at night. I just continued getting up every 2 hours to nurse in the night...but hey, it doesn't last forever. Good luck and I hope it helps you get more sleep! Isabelle is a great sleeper now though (6:30pm-7am) and we never have to get up with her at night now. So...even if he keeps getting up, at least you know around 1yr, they will be better!

  2. Wow first day on rice! How exciting! Looks yummy! haha

  3. Love the sleepy picture! Good luck--hope this helps you get more sleep. :o)

  4. Oh honey- this is SUCH a bad idea. Please research 'open gut'.

  5. Thanks for the link- it did provide some helpful information. We are only feeding Nathaniel one very small meal of rice cereal (a couple tablespoons worth) each evening and the rest of the time he is exclusively breastfed. We do plan to wait until at least four months to begin other solid foods though! We certainly don't want to rush into anything that could be harmful for him and wouldn't be feeding him the rice cereal right now if our pedi didn't think it would be beneficial.