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February 11, 2010

Grandma Is Here!

This week has brought about an exciting event which I have been anticipating for weeks... my mother has come to visit!

She graciously offered to come stay with us after Nathaniel was born. Since Jonathan had two weeks off following the birth, we decided to spend time as a family of three and allow ourselves some time to adjust. Once Jonathan went back to work, despite my nerves about staying home alone with my little guy all day, I wanted to understand the life of a stay at home mom and begin to establish a routine with my son on my own so that I wasn't completely dependent on someone else. Now, six weeks after his birth, we are finally settled as a family and have found time in our busy schedules to incorporate some quality time with grandma!

The fun began on Wednesday when she arrived at noon. We decided to use Nathaniel's high chair for the first time (some assembly required, much to my chagrin) and after finally getting the pieces put together, my little man tried the seat. It was a raving success and he loves sitting at the table during meals and being part of the action!
While she has been here, my mother and I have accomplished many projects, among them taking pictures of Nathaniel using his Coddlelife bottle, at the request of the Coddlelife customer service department.
My wonderful little man was so patient while we were adjusting everything and getting the pictures we wanted, but after awhile he began to dislike the whole process.
Thankfully, Nathaniel calmed back down quickly once mama offered him more food. Got milk?

We have one more wonderful day with my mama before she leaves to go back home. What will I do once she's gone?! I could very easily get used to taking a shower without pausing to make sure my little man is doing okay in his bouncer. More to the point, with someone else changing diapers during the day, I have begun to forget just how much poop one little boy can create!

Beyond the convenience of having an extra pair of hands, it's been so nice just to have the company. Although having a little guy around me constantly provides some measure of interaction, it's easy to feel lonely as a stay at home mom so these few days have been a real treat for me!

I will enjoy the company and help while it lasts... and then look forward to more quality time with my own mama in the near future!


  1. We are due in 1 week and plan on doing the same thing (having some time as a family of 3 before we accept visitors). Did you family come to see you at the hospital, or was this the 1st time they are meeting him?


  2. We had family (his grandparents and aunts and uncles) come visit in the hospital. We didn't want to introduce too many people at once, especially in the middle of flu season, so we waited and have slowly been introducing Nathaniel to our friends and more extended family.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. :)

  4. And also, there's an award for you on my blog ( Please swing by and pick it up! Have a great weekend!