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February 22, 2010

Glass vs. Plastic: The Bottle Debate

After the response I received from my readers following the first Coddlelife review, I contacted the company once again to inquire about the possibility of a second review. The Coddlelife customer service department graciously sent out their borosilicate glass bottle and bottle wrap, and our first experience with a glass bottle began!

Initially, I noticed the weight of the bottle and how light it was, despite the fact that it was made of glass. Although the bottle is not heavy as one would expect, it is extremely sturdy as it is made from laboratory grade materials.

The glass bottle is currently sold with the Coddlelife traditional nipple, but we chose to use the peristalitic nipple when testing it with our little boy to continue mimicking the breastfeeding action. Nathaniel had no problems going between the bottle and nursing for feedings when using this nipple and I would highly recommend to those of you who are nursing and bottle feeding to consider using the peristaltic nipple in lieu of the traditional nipple when choosing the glass bottle.

The borosilicate glass bottle is very different from its polypropylene counterpart. The glass bottle stands taller than the plastic bottle and has a more slender, yet comfortable grip. For the consumer, the most drastic difference between the two bottles can be found in the numbering on the side. Unlike the
polypropylene bottles where one strains to see the amount of milk inside, the glass bottle is clearly marked and determining the proper measurements is a simple matter.

The bottle wrap, sold separately from the glass bottle, comes in three colors and is truly essential to using the glass bottle.
Since this was our first experience using a glass bottle, we had never before experienced how very hot the glass becomes when you warm a bottle. The bottle wrap effortlessly solves the problem of burnt hands during a feeding.

The wrap itself is microwave safe and slides over the bottle easily. It is simple to clean (a must for a busy mama) and it clearly allows the parent to see the ounce markers on the side of the bottle.

Many of the mothers I know are hesitant to heat up a bottle for their babies if the bottle is made of any sort of plastic, even though it may be free of harmful chemicals. Utilizing a glass bottle solves this problem completely and the glass Coddlelife bottles are the best option for a busy mama; they are easy to grip, easy to clean, and best of all, they are completely safe for babies.

After using both the
polypropylene and glass Coddlelife bottles, I can't imagine our family going back to the Playtex bottles we had previously used. The Coddlelife bottles are healthy for my little boy, as they minimize the amount of air he swallows while eating, and they are quick and simple to clean. The bottles are made of the highest quality materials and are truly worth every penny. With the opportunity to test and review their products, Coddlelife has made loyal customers of our family and we highly recommend their bottles to all of you!

For more information about Coddlelife, you can read about our family's experiences with their polypropylene baby bottles.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write a review on Coddlelife Borosilicate Glass Bottle. Although I received the bottle for the purposes of a review, the opinions expressed are my honest view of the products. My thanks to Coddlelife for providing their product.

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  1. Love, love, love these bottles! My cousin is due before me and I've talked her into them too. It wasn't hard!