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February 3, 2010

Coddlelife Bottles: A Mama Must-Have

When I first heard about the Coddlelife baby bottles, I was curious and excited to try them out. We had been using Playtex Ventaire bottles to feed pumped milk to our little boy, but the bottles were small and cumbersome to clean. With the hope of finding a new and improved bottle, I contacted Coddlelife, offering to try and subsequently review their polypropylene bottles.

When the bottle arrived on my doorstep later in the week, I couldn't wait to break open the crisp, new packaging and try it out. Nathaniel took his milk from the Coddlelife bottle that night and had no trouble adjusting to our new system.

The Coddlelife peristaltic nipple is made to simulate breastfeeding via shape, texture, and the way the milk is delivered into the baby's mouth.
The venting system incorporated into the bottle prevents the infant from swallowing too much air by redirecting it through an opening at the bottom of the vent.

Like most parents who use a bottle, we have encountered the problem of a fussy, gassy baby from too much air being swallowed during a feeding; when we use the Coddlelife bottle, this issue becomes a thing of the past.

The only drawback to using the Coddlelife bottle is in determining the amount of milk or formula, as the ounce indicators on the side are the same color as the bottle. This makes it very challenging to see how much the baby has consumed, unless one is able to make it out by squinting at the bottle. (I should interject that my husband came up with the idea of using a Sharpie to solve this problem; I told him I didn't want to mess up the nice, new bottle... ah, the differences between men and women).

When comparing the Coddlelife bottle to its competitors such as Playtex, the Coddlelife bottle becomes the easy choice. Beyond the function in the Coddlelife system, the bottle is wider around than many other brands and it has a comfortable grip.

Despite the high-tech venting system and peristaltic nipple, one of the most alluring aspects of using a Coddlelife bottle in lieu of another brand is the ease of cleaning. The Playtex Ventaire system has five separate pieces that require cleaning before use; Coddlelife has three. For the mother who is quickly washing up a bottle to use before a feeding, the Coddlelife bottle is the simpler choice.

With the stamp of approval from my little boy, we have continued to use the bottle. Nathaniel has had no issues switching between nursing and the bottle, thanks to the peristaltic nipple, and this mama highly prefers washing the Coddlelife bottle over the Playtex bottles. In fact, because of our excellent experience, we have ordered another bottle from Coddlelife and our family plans continue using their products in the future.

For more information about Coddlelife, you can read about our family's experiences with their glass baby bottles.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write a review on Coddlelife Polypropylene Bottle. Although I received the bottle for the purposes of a review, the opinions expressed are my honest view of the products. My thanks to Coddlelife for providing their product.


  1. Great Spot...Thanks! What a cutie-pie :)

  2. Does it really only have 8 ounce bottles though? I would prefer a 4 and/or 6 ounce too! Are the planning on making smaller bottles?

  3. Right now, they just have eight ounce bottles. I haven't heard of any plans to make smaller ones, but that would be a great idea!