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February 15, 2010

Allure: Salvation for the Twins

Before Nathaniel was even conceived, I spent a lot of time thinking about pregnancy and babies. I was, after all, a young woman who was recently married and wanted to start a family within a few years. Despite the excitement that I felt having children would bring, one thing always stood out in my mind as a drawback of bearing a child- the change in my (ahem) bustline.

Again, I would like to address my male readers and apologize for my lack of filter, but there is simply no way to write this post with a filter. Please bear with me or close your eyes and I'll tell you when it's over.

For those of you who have met me in-person, you know that I am rather well-endowed. When I initially hit puberty, I was thrilled with this fact, only to have my excitement come to a screeching halt once I realized that I couldn't walk into a store and purchase a bra in my size. Despite the large number of lingerie stores in Minnesota, I simply could not find a store that carried my size, a small band with a large cup.

This continued to be a problem for me throughout my teenage years until I discovered that I could order bras online. Although I could purchase a bra in the size I needed, I paid an arm and a leg for shipping costs, as I often had to return bras since I couldn't try them on.

After much searching and a lot of trips to the UPS store to return my failed attempts at bra fittings, I finally found a great bra in the right size. LeMystere was the bra company I had been waiting for since I turned thirteen!

I enjoyed wearing a bra that fit correctly... until I got pregnant and, Lord help me, my bust exploded. (See, I warned you... no filter.) Everything seemed to change overnight and, before I knew it, I needed a different bra. I ordered one quickly which fit for all of two weeks until I found myself in need of yet another bra.

Thinking I had learned my lesson, I decided to order one that would fit for a good, long time and I excitedly tore open the packaging when it arrived on my doorstep. Let me just tell you, it was huge. After forking over more shipping costs, I exchanged it for one that was still too big but was closer to what I needed.

I was fed-up looking for something that would work with my pregnant body so I broke out a needle and thread on my brand new bra. The finished product was hideous (I won't be applying for any seamstress positions anytime soon), but functional and I had a bra that worked.

When I neared eight months pregnant, I knew I would need to begin the dreaded search for a nursing bra. All of the major brands such as Medela and Bravado didn't make my size, which came as no surprise after my years of ordering online. After doing a bit of research, I ordered a nursing bra via my trusty friend the internet and was thrilled to discover that it fit properly.

And then... I gave birth.

I was totally unprepared for what would happen to my bust once my milk came in. Only two words can describe this feeling: completely uncomfortable. Mercifully, my supply regulated itself within the first couple weeks once Nathaniel and I got nursing underway. My bra, however, was not so fortunate.

I quickly discovered that the bra which I thought would be so idyllic before undergoing labor and delivery had absolutely no support. This wouldn't have been such a big deal except that I began experiencing back pain from my shoulders being constantly pulled forward. I knew that I needed to find a better nursing bra but I had no idea where to begin looking.

I flipped on the TV one morning and I saw the commercial for Allure, a lingerie store in St. Paul. They advertised a wide variety of sizes and I decided to check out their store in the hopes that something would fit.

When I walked into their store, I was immediately impressed- it had a warm, comfortable atmosphere and sales ladies who were helpful and not pushy.

One sales lady offered to do a fitting for me and brought me bra after bra to find a size that fit and felt comfortable on my body. After trying a slew of bras, I found the right size and was thrilled to be told that LeMystere, my all-time favorite brand, made a nursing bra in my size!

Since Allure doesn't carry nursing bras, they ordered the bra for me (saving me shipping costs) and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Beyond the bra itself, I am thrilled beyond words that I finally found a store where, after I'm done nursing, I will be able to walk in and purchase a bra. I won't have to order anything online. I won't have to break out my needle and thread. I won't make any more trips to the UPS store.

Because I am so thrilled with my find, I am recommending this store to all of you who are anywhere near the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. And if you mention that I referred you, you help me earn a free bra. So go check it out ladies and buy yourself some lingerie that fits!


  1. Do they sell miniature sizes? Aka my size? Because, I too struggle... but on the opposite side of the spectrum...

  2. THANK you! I have the same problem, and was never happy with any of my nursing bras with Isabelle (support-wise). I will have to go shopping there once i give birth to our twins in May! Are the bras in the "Victoria's Secret" price range? I'm glad you found something that worked for you!

  3. They sell a huge variety of sizes, from 30A to something like 42H, so they really do have something for everyone!

    As for price, I only looked at the LeMystere bras, which were sold for the same price that they are sold online, so I'm not sure what the prices were for different brands. Allure is definitely a boutique so the prices aren't cheap, but it was less expensive for me to shop there since I saved money on shipping and I knew that I was getting the right size since they fitted me and I could try on the same brand!