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February 22, 2010

Ailments and Fish Rattles

For those of you wondering if I'm lying on my deathbed somewhere in the suburbs of Minneapolis, let me put your fears to rest. I'm not quite there yet.

Thanks to my wonderful husband who watched our little boy this morning, I was able to drag my highly-contagious butt down to a CVS minute clinic (thank goodness they're open Sundays) where I was told that not only do I have a cold, but I am also suffering from a case of pinkeye!

Let me pause to reflect on this for a moment. Prior to this afternoon, I was under the impression that only grubby little six year-old children contracted pinkeye. What self-respecting adult comes down with this particular ailment? Apparently I do, although I believe that the last time I was diagnosed with pinkeye, I was still wearing pigtails.

So now that I'm drowning my eyeballs with antibiotics every four hours, I'm hoping I will no longer be contagious as of three in the afternoon on Monday, but that remains to be seen. Up until now, I have successfully kept my illnesses to myself and have not spread them to Jonathan or Nathaniel, largely due to the fact that I am practically bathing in Purell every five minutes. As long as I can keep this up until I'm well, I will be one happy mama.

In other news, my loyal followers may have noticed a few changes to the blog. Feel free to check out the new features near the head of the page. As time goes on, I am enjoying adding new pages to this blog to make it more interesting and, at some point, we will likely move from blogger to our own domain where I can truly reign supreme and have full and complete control over the layout.

Finally, I am pleased to share with all of you that Nathaniel is beginning to take more of an interest in his toys and it is absolutely adorable! We spent more time with the baby playgym today and my little boy seemed to be much more interested in grabbing the plastic rings and a fish-shaped rattle that I handed to him, although he did pitch the rattle across the room several minutes later. He's definitely a boy, through and through!

That concludes our quick update for now. I believe I will go dump some more antibiotics into my eyes and fall asleep cuddling up to my bottle of Purell.

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