January 11, 2010

We Have Finally Agreed...

Almost two weeks after Nathaniel was born, Jonathan and I have finally agreed on his eye color. Clearly, this isn't something that should be the topic of a debate, but since there is only a limited amount of time each day when our little boy has his eyes open, we have been trying to see exactly what color Nathaniel's eyes will be.

In the end, we decided that he has his mama's eyes. They are hazel near the center but they have a blue ring near the outside. More than anything else, they fit our little boy's face perfectly!

We have also decided that Nathaniel has his daddy's brow. When I frown, I have distinct lines between my eyebrows but when Nathaniel frowns, the top of his nose furrows, much like Jonathan's expressions.

As these days go by, we are starting to see a little personality emerge from our son and it is so exciting to watch him grow and decide from whom he gets all of his little traits and expressions!

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