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January 25, 2010

Step One: Shower, Step Two: Regain My Sanity

Today was not an easy day; on the contrary, it was exhausting and challenging. I spent the day sitting in my pajamas trying to soothe my baby boy who was nothing short of inconsolable.

We tried all sorts of calming techniques, but nothing seemed to work for longer than ten minutes (my blog entry titled All Worth It was filmed during one of those ten-minute segments) and by the time Jonathan came home, I was barely holding it together. It's true that babies cry and cannot always be soothed, but when I can't console my own son, the feeling of failure as a mother begins to take root.

I had a good cry once Jonathan walked through the door because I simply couldn't hold it back any longer and I was so relieved that I would finally have a few minutes to myself to gather my thoughts and regain my sanity.

The power of a shower is truly amazing; I stood in the shower until the hot water was gone and by the time I got out, I felt like a new woman. I was clean, I'd had a half-hour to myself, and I was ready to tackle the challenge of soothing my very unhappy baby once more because I no longer felt like a failure as a mother.

Jonathan and I spent the better part of the night trying to calm Nathaniel and we slowly realized that he was screaming because he was in pain from being gassy. After several more hours, I couldn't see my little boy in pain any longer and with Jonathan's encouragement, I broke out the Mylicon.

I'm not a proponent of medicating children unless it is absolutely necessary. I personally believe that we use medications far too frequently and liberally in our society, but after watching my little boy scream for the better part of the day from gas pain, I don't regret my decision to give him one dose of Mylicon. While it took awhile to begin working, I am now sitting in a quiet room, watching my son sleep in peace.

Despite it all, I survived another day as a stay at home mom. It wasn't an easy day, but there is always hope for tomorrow!


  1. We were really loathe to give Mylicon too, but sometimes, there's just no other way.

    Every day is a new adventure with new challenges. Hopefully today is better!

  2. I've had those days too and still sometimes do. Last night my hubby couldn't get Abby to calm down and I held her and bounced with her and a few minutes later she burped a couple of times and was happy again. Mylicon didn't really work for us. What really worked in the early days was me cutting out dairy (I don't know if you are breast feeding or not.) If you are I would suggest trying it out. It really helped Abby a ton! Hope you have a better day today!

  3. I know how you feel Alyssa! We had a few MONTHS like that with Isabelle. I would take long baths(for the first time in my life) when Paul came home and I even sat in the car in the garage to get away from the screaming. We would be up in the middle of the night too. The peak of colic is 6 weeks for babies, so it is normal. We discovered Isabelle was overtired and in pain from gas as well...good luck and know that these days won't last forever!!

  4. We give mylicon too. It is a life saver for us, as Sophia is a gasey baby. Sometimes it is better for them and if don't give it to them and they just continue to scream, that can make the gas a lot worse, because they are now sucking in air.