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January 19, 2010

The Magical Pacifier

In the last few weeks, we have acquired a slew of pacifiers in an effort to find one that Nathaniel enjoys and will keep in his mouth without attempting to launch it across the room.

We began with the pacifier given to our little boy at the hospital. Jonathan and I practically had to force it in his mouth; clearly, it was not a favorite so we quickly abandoned that idea.

After we were discharged and came home, we tried a Gerber nook. This particular pacifier failed to pass Nathaniel's approval because the base was a convex shape, rather than the concave shape used by most nooks. This pacifier, like its predecessor, was retired.

Next, we decided to try a Winnie the Pooh pacifier; this attempt was a little better as it was shaped to Nathaniel's face and therefore harder for him to spit out of his mouth. The nipple was a little large for his mouth, but it was obvious that this was the favorite.

With only one nook floating around our house (and often falling on the floor), this mama decided that we needed to find another type that our little boy would take. The challenge continued with a Nuk pacifier. This pacifier, like the Winnie the Pooh nook, was shaped to Nathaniel's mouth but the nipple was a bit smaller. He seemed to take the Nuk pacifier well, still attempting to launch it across the room from time to time, but it placated him when he was fussy.

In the never-ending quest to find the magical pacifier, we tried yet another type which is still undergoing scrutiny by our little man. Avent makes a pacifier with a flat base and an age-adjusted nipple. Thus far, it seems to be working quite well. Nathaniel keeps this nook in his mouth a bit better than some of the others although the jury is still out on if this will be the magical pacifier or if it will be yet another to add to our growing collection...


  1. Why don't you just let the pacifier go? Maybe he doesn't want/need one. I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but most of the parents I know were glad when their kids didn't need a pacifier, because then you don't have to go through the whole weaning ordeal..

  2. We never used a pacifier either, and were happy that there wasn't any weaning as well. Our baby girl picked a blanket on her own to soothe her.

  3. We have tried going without, but there are times when the pacifier is the only thing that will soothe him. He just seems to have trouble keeping it in his mouth, especially if he is really fussy. On the up-side, we don't have to use it constantly so I don't think the weaning process will be very difficult when the time comes!

  4. Both of my children used a pacifier when needed and never dragged around an old blanket or worn piece of fabric. There was no "weaning" process at all-when the time was right it just wasn't needed any more. Don't worry about it.