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January 7, 2010

The First Week

So much has happened this past week that it's hard to know where to begin. Jonathan and I are getting used to being a family of three instead of living with only two. This has been an adventure for us as we experience the joys of baby snuggles and challenges of being peed upon.

Nathaniel is doing wonderfully; we have had him in to the doctor several times already this past week to monitor his bilirubin levels. When he was born, his levels were very low (a good thing) but because he wasn't feeding well and my milk didn't come in for quite some time, his levels climbed quickly. At the highest, they were 15.3 but they have since stabilized and the pediatrician is no longer concerned.

Nathaniel is feeding heartily every few hours and is beginning to put on some weight. He lost quite a bit after he was born but is now up to 9 pounds 4 ounces.

Beyond feeding, he also sleeps very well which has been a huge blessing for Jonathan and I! Initially upon arriving home, we experimented with several different sleeping arrangements to find what worked best for us. The first night was spent with Nathaniel in a bassinet next to our bed; he was easily accessible when he was hungry, but Jonathan and I were both up much of the night and we decided that this wasn't the best choice for our family. The next night, I stayed up with Nathaniel in the living room and planned to wake Jonathan early in the morning to take over so I could sleep; we again decided that this wasn't a good arrangement for us since I was so exhausted the next day and because Jonathan and I were sacrificing going to bed together. We finally settled on the third option: Nathaniel spent the night in his crib, although it was hard for me to be in the next room from him while sleeping, and Jonathan and I took turns getting up with him when he fussed. Initially, I wasn't sure about this particular sleeping arrangement, but since we invested in a video monitor for our little boy's room while I was still pregnant, I felt tentatively better about the whole situation.

After the first night of sleeping in separate rooms, I was sold on the idea. With the video monitor where I could keep an eye on Nathaniel and hear him clearly, I was much more relaxed about sleeping separately from him and found that both Jonathan and I slept more soundly than when he was in the same room with us.

With regards to diapers, I must say that I have developed a very strong preference over the past week. Prior to Nathaniel's birth, I planned to use Huggies diapers and purchased several packages of them. While we were in the hospital after delivery, we were provided with two packages of Pampers Swaddlers. After using both brands, I must confess... I hate Huggies. We have had multiple poop blow-outs and even one incident where our little man managed to pee out of the top of his Huggies diaper (even though it was strapped on tightly). We have had no such incidents with Pampers as of yet and I have plans of purchasing Pampers in the future once we deplete our stash of Huggies.

On a personal note, I am feeling much better now that a week has passed. I'm still a bit uncomfortable and I will feel better still when I stop leaking various bodily fluids every chance I get, but that is progressively improving as well, with the exception of crying. I'm not a basket-case these days and I generally feel very good emotionally, but I have found that I absolutely cannot watch anything on TV where there is a child being hurt. That automatically sends me into sobs, as Jonathan and I discovered when we were watching an episode of Criminal Minds one night during dinner. After I managed to calm myself down, I immediately went over to Nathaniel who was happily napping in his swing and picked him up to cuddle. Baby cuddles make everything good again!

Over the last week, I think the biggest change for me has been adjusting to the fact that my needs are second to those of my son. It's a sacrifice I'm glad to make for him, but it's been a strange adjustment. If a diaper needs to be changed or Nathaniel needs to be fed, everything else, be it dinner, cleaning, or Facebook, becomes unimportant until my little boy's needs are met. I know that this is an essential part of good parenting and I'm truly glad to be able to meet Nathaniel's needs first, but it is still strange to me.

This last week has been wonderful for our family. We have been so blessed by our family and friends and I have felt so loved and supported by Jonathan as we go through this time of transition. So here's to one good week and the beginning of another!


  1. Scary about his Bili counts. I am glad that he has stabilized. Praying it stays that way. Glad he is feeding well! That is one of the biggest struggles for first timers.

    Wow, he didn't last a week in the basinet? I am glad that things are starting to form routines.

    Can't wait to hear more about the adventures in parenting! Hope to see him sometime soon!

  2. I hate huggies too! I won't be buying anymore after I use what I have! Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. that is a heaven picture!! im enjoying your blog!! i can totally relate as my baby was born in october..