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January 16, 2010

The Face of Innocence

This is the face of innocence, the face that looked up at his daddy tonight with a confused expression after he realized that he wasn't getting any milk...

Jonathan was holding our little boy as we were watching television tonight and I was preparing to nurse. Nathaniel wasn't fussing, but he was getting impatient so he turned to his daddy and latched on to Jonathan's arm.

We both chuckled a little, until Jonathan pulled his arm away and we saw it... Nathaniel had latched on so hard that he had left a bruise! I, of course, laughed hysterically while Jonathan stared in shock at our son and then turned to me and told me how impressed he was that I could nurse our little boy. Ah, the appreciation...


  1. haha... Just wait till that little man gets some teeth + chomps!

  2. At least your little man has a killer latch! That's too funny....