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January 13, 2010

Day Three: Two Weeks Old

We are in the process of conquering day three of the adventures of the stay at home mom. As you can see from the picture, today is going smoothly; baby is dressed in clothes, not pajamas, mama's hair and makeup are done, and neither of us has been peed upon. Since today is going smoothly and there is little to say about the things going on in my house yet this afternoon, I thought I would briefly reflect upon a few things that have been on my mind these last two weeks.

There have been many things we have and continue to adjust to as a family of three over the past couple weeks. On a personal note, I am trying to adjust to the changes that have taken place in my own body since the experience of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I am, mercifully, able to fit myself back into two pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans with the help of the Be Band (whomever invented this wonderful article of clothing should be given a medal), but looking at my bare belly in the mirror is enough to make me cringe. Please note that I am exercising a rarely seen trait, my filter, and I am sparing you all a photo of this. It's true that every deep, red stretch mark was worth meeting Nathaniel and having him as a part of our lives, but I will be kissing my beloved black bikini goodbye forever in favor of something that doesn't expose my belly to the world come summertime.

In the category of adjustments, I have also learned to get up at 4:30 in the morning to feed our little guy. Late-night reruns of television shows are surprisingly entertaining at this hour and are just what I need to stay awake until Nathaniel has a full tummy. The past several mornings, Nathaniel has decided to wake near 8; for an unknown reason, it seems to be more difficult for me to drag myself out of bed at this hour than in the middle of the night. We are in the process of adjusting, however, and have learned to take a nap together after the 8am feeding. This nap leaves me with just enough sleep to take on the day and gives us some cuddle time first thing in the morning!

In the last few days, we have also conquered the daunting task of going on our first outings together, just mama and baby. On Monday, we braved Super Target to restock the kitchen with groceries and we even made a quick run to Walgreens today after I realized that I was out of makeup... God forbid the world see me without eyeliner. At any rate, we are making it out of the house these days and we're beginning to figure out how to make this happen successfully. As long as Nathaniel nurses and has a diaper change immediately before being put in his carseat, he will sleep happily through the entire experience!

And now my messy kitchen is once again calling my name so I will leave you all with a picture of my handsome little guy...

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