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January 16, 2010

Day Six: The Makeover

After spending the better part of the day glaring at the computer screen and utilizing Jonathan's computer code expertise, our blog has a new look! We are beginning a new chapter in our lives now that our little boy has arrived and I will be writing about all of the ups and downs of this crazy time for us in the Adventures of the Stay At Home Mom.

As you see in the picture and because I adore this baby item, I must point out the mobile that serves as the background of our blog badge. This animal mobile hangs over Nathaniel's crib and was handmade by my favorite Etsy seller, Challah. Not only does she make and sell baby mobiles, but she specializes in ornaments and all manner of felt creatures. Her Etsy page is regularly updated with new and adorable items and I highly recommend that all of you check it out!

Today was the first Saturday we have had as a family since Jonathan went back to work and I welcomed the day by sleeping in! My wonderful husband took our little boy out to the living room to cuddle while mama got a little extra sleep. Sleeping in was a heavenly sensation after a week of waking up to feed Nathaniel in the middle of the night. After I dragged myself out of bed, again at the request of Nathaniel's stomach, we opted to have a very laid-back day; I spent the day in sweats with no makeup, thank goodness my little boy didn't mind! As Saturdays go, it was perfect: completely and utterly relaxing.


  1. Any chance of changing the font color to black? The blue is pretty hard to read! Like the new concept and layout!

  2. No problem! I'll get right on it! ;)